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Can I get a bespoke piece of woodwork machinery ?
These days, designers and consumers have developed an eye for detail, and a thirst for unique, quality products that you absolutely cannot buy at a chain store. Orders for bespoke jewelery, clothing, and furniture have increased, and so has the number of businesses who cater to this demand. DIY birdfeeder
Calderbrook Machinery, LTD is a UK based woodworking machinery manufacturer who supply both new and second hand machinery to the industry. The company is in Lancashire, and has been in operation for over ten years, but has the privilege of being able to draw on the owners' and operator's combined experience of over 40 years in the woodworking machinery industry.
Can I get a bespoke piece of woodwork machinery from Calderbrook?M Power MRA 350 Cross Cut
The extremely simple answer is yes, of course. Calderbrook Machinery vows to make customer satisfaction their number one priority so they offer their quality woodworking machinery at competitive prices. grass wine holder
Calderbrook offers an extensive range and selection of new machinery built to bring the latest in woodworking technology to any modern workshop. Calderbrook Machinery will stand behind their guarantee of total customer satisfaction by making sure their machines have the highest levels of engineering quality by selecting the most reliable new machinery for your company.
If you're a traditionalist, or just prefer working with the older styles of woodworking machinery, Calderbrook can supply you, too. And, once again, Calderbrook will assure you that you will be getting the best quality used machinery. Calderbrook will listen to your needs, and then take the time to make sure they find the right tool for you, and the brand of machinery you are most comfortable with; and all while offering their service at price you can afford.

Robland NX310
Calderbrook Machinery also offers refurbished machinery, or can help refurbish machinery which you already own. Refurbishing old machinery is a great way to protect the environment and prolong the life of woodworking machinery. It's also a very cost effective way of justifying your investment. Calderbrook will only use the best European components that they can find for the refurbish. If they cannot find the right part, or if your machine is a classic and parts are no longer made for it, Calderbrook Machinery would be happy to make the part themselves in their engineering shop.
Accessories are also available in the shop, or on, Calderbroook Woodworking Machinery's official website. Visit the accessories page to view a list and photos of all the accessories that can be retro fitted to almost all machinery to enhance its performance or increase its safety.
Another way Calderbrook strives to provide complete customer satisfaction is by working with a number of finance partners who can help with funding at competitive rates, and they offer loan or hire purchase agreements for customers who would like to explore those options.
So, no more wondering, "Where can I get a bespoke piece of woodwork machinery?" Look to Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery, the specialists in woodworking machinery, to offer you the best advice and guidance when it comes to selecting the perfect piece of machinery for you.
Calderbrook supplies machinery from brands such as: Wadkin, Robinson, Weinig, Panhans, Boere, SCM, Altendorf, Holz-her, Sedwick, Omec, and Guilliet. They also offer light duty machinery for smaller companies, to heavy duty machinery for larger manufacturers. Representatives from Calderbrook Machinery are trained as Technicians,and not salesman in order to select the right piece of machinery for you and to adhere to their guarantee of total client satisfaction.

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