Cabin Rules Holiday Fun Wall Sign

Cabin Rules Holiday Fun Wall Sign

This cabin rules wall sign for holiday fun is perfect for displaying in a holiday house. You will love the rustic look if you have a cabin in the woods because it will suit perfectly. This is a coolidea if you have a fishing cabin by a lake or a get away in the woods. Because you want to make sure everyone has a good time some rules are sure to help.

These rules are not difficult to follow because they are about having fun. The first rule is perfect because it is 'be lazy and crazy.' You will love obeying this rule because it encompasses the two main ingredients of a successful holiday. Be lazy because you want to relax. Also, be crazy because you want to have a great time.

The second rule is 'campfires.' This is cool because spending time in the great outdoors is not complete without a campfire.

The third rule is to 'eat and drink plenty.' This one is great because if there is ever a time to ditch the diet it is when you are on holiday. Give yourself a break and enjoy some great holiday food.

The next rule is sure to be popular because it is 'take a nap.' You will enjoy being able to nap when the mood takes you. This is important if you lead a busy life.

The last rule is to enjoy the day. This is a simple rule but also a very good one.

Cabin Rules Holiday Fun Wall Sign

cabin rules sign

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