Brie Happy Funny Glass Cheese Cutting Board

Brie Happy Funny Glass Cheese Cutting Board

This brie happy funny glass cheese cutting board is perfect for any cheese lover. It is here to amuse because of the cute quote and because it is a useful item. Most people have at least one cutting board in their kitchen or even several. They are not just great for preparing food but also useful to protect surfaces such as bench tops.

A wonderful gift idea or a cool accent for your own kitchen. It makes a great gift because it is different and it is sure to be used. You can turn this into a much more unique gift by adding custom text to the design before ordering. If you would like to you can also change the image for one of your own.

This cheeseboard does look good but you will find that it is also durable and useful. The glass used is hand pressed tempered glass. This cutting board is the perfect surface for preparing and cutting any food.

It is wonderful to use because it provides a great surface for cutting your cheese. You will also love it because it is a cool way to serve cheese to guests. They are sure to be amused by the cute quote.

Brie Happy Funny Glass Cheese Cutting Board

Brie Happy Funny Glass Cheese Cutting Board

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