BlackBerry KEY2 With Smart Battery

BlackBerry KEY2 With Smart Battery

The BlackBerry KEY2 with smart battery offers great battery life. When fully charged the battery can supply power to the BlackBerry KEY2 for up to 48 hours. The phone is powered by Android™ Oreo 8.1 but the battery is the feature that really sets it apart.

The redesigned Blackberry features a dual lens rear facing camera and a front facing camera. It features super tough Gorilla glass because it is very durable and can withstand lots of bumps and drops. You will find that the BlackBerry KEY2 is more durable than previous models because of the Gorilla glass and the series 7 aluminium alloy frame. This is good news if you are someone who tends to have issues with phones breaking.

It features intelligent keys that are twenty percent larger than the keys featured on the KEYone. BlackBerry is known for its unique keyboard as most other smartphones do not feature keyboards in this style. If you have trouble using common touch screen keyboards then the BlackBerry KEY2 might work very well for you.

The Android and the iPhone are the most popular choices when it comes to smartphones. The BlackBerry KEY2 is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a change. This is because it has lots of great features that make it a great phone.

BlackBerry KEY2 With Smart Battery

BlackBerry KEY2 With Smart Battery

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