Billboards That Double As Homeless Shelters

The introduction of anti homeless spikes has provoked outrage from many sources. These spikes are ugly and their purpose is less than humane. They are designed to deter homeless people from sleeping in sheltered places on the street. The circulation of photographs of these spikes on social media has caused a public outcry. Some socially aware internet users have started online petitions to remove the spikes. You will be happy to know that a lot of these petitions have been successful. Thankfully there are many people in this world who care what happens to others. Some of these people design programs and shelters to help the homeless. One company has even designed Billboards That Double As Homeless Sheltersspikess^ The spikes shown in the photograph above have been removed due to a successful online petition at change.orgspikesPeople are petitioning to remove homeless spikes located in other places as well. If you would like to sign a petition and help to have these spikes removed you can find petitions here ~ CHANGE.ORG.

Unfortunately the UK is not the only place where private corporations deliberately make the lives of vulnerable people difficult. This happens in many places all over the world. According to the age the USA has also been under fire recently because of policies regarding the homeless that many people consider to be inhumane. Some US cities are banning individuals and charitable organisations from giving food to the homeless.


Yes, fortunately there is good news because there are many good people in the world. Some people prefer to help the less fortunate rather than make things worse for them. h22If you follow our posts here at you may have read about Gregory Kloehn. Gregory is an artists who builds shelters for the homeless. You can read more about Gregory's work here > Turning Trash Into Homes.

There is also an amazing company in Vancouver that has designed benches which can be turned into shelters for homeless people.homeless becnchbencAs well as being a wonderful and humane idea, this is also marketing genius. These benches are billboards that advertise RainCity Housing. RainCity Housing is a company that works to provide housing for the homeless people of Vancouver. This idea was designed in conjunction with an advertising agency named Spring Advertising.

This project has attracted international attention. It achieves so many things. The billboards help to promote the mission of the agency and also help it to achieve it's mission by providing some shelter to people in need.

One thing that is very clear is that there are people in this world who WILL take a stand and say no when others are being treated badly. There are people who help, who choose to make a difference instead of standing by silently. Now THAT is good news!!

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