Best Suitcases For International Travellers

Best Suitcases For International Travellers

This is a list of some of the best suitcases for international travellers. Choosing the right suitcase is very important because you want your belongings to be safe. It is also important to choose a suitcase that will easily fit everything that you need.

The best suitcase for you is one that meets your individual needs. Before you begin to look for a suitcase it is helpful to make a list or a mental note of the things that you need it to do.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Size
  • Quality
  • Security
  • Weight
  • Is there a guarantee ?
  • Durability
  • Personalization
  • Price
  • Mobility

The size of your suitcase is important because you need to be able to transport it to and from the airport. This is also important because some airports limit the size of your luggage as well as the weight. You will also want to ensure that you can fit everything that you need in your suitcase. If you have a lot of luggage to bring and will have assistance to move your bags to and from the airport then a luggage set like the one below is a great option.

Best Suitcases For International Travellers - Hardside Three Piece Luggage set

luggage set

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This lightweight luggage set is made from durable material to keep your luggage safe. The multi directional spinner wheels make it easy to move your luggage to where it needs to be.

Quality is very important when it comes to luggage because you want your items to be safe. Poor quality suitcases are often not durable enough to protect your stuff. Suitcases need to be able to stand up to some rough treatment because baggage handlers are not always gentle and you do not know how your bag is being treated when you can not see it. This is also important because poor quality bags often do not have a closing system that lasts very long. You do not want to get where you are going and have to buy another case because you can not close yours properly.

Best Suitcases For International Travellers - Eminent Move Suitcase

quality suitcase

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This is a quality suitcase that features lightweight construction. It has a TSA standard USA Government Customs travel sentry lock and a telescopic handle that is made from aluminium. Inside the suitcase there is an internal zipper pocket and there are restraining straps to hold your items in place. This is useful because when items are held in place it is less likely they they will move around inside the case during travel and be broken.

Best Suitcases For International Travellers - Remote Locking Smart Luggage

smart luggage

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Security is a major concern for travellers as you may have valuable items in your bag that you do not want to lose. This is especially true if you are travelling to a country you have not visited before as you may not know what to do if your luggage is lost or stolen. You can track this suitcase anywhere in the world because it is equipped with a GPS tracking system. There are also specific inbuilt pockets for carrying your laptop or tablet safely. The digital lock allows you to lock and unlock your suitcase remotely vian your smartphone. This is a great suitcase for business travellers because it is built to carry everything you need.

Weight is also something that needs to be considered. It is not just the weight of the case that matters because airports have restrictions on the weight of your luggage. The suitcase above has a built in weighing system so you can check that your luggage meets requirements before you leave home.

Best Suitcases For International Travellers - Expandable Luggage Set

Best Suitcases For International Travellers

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The expandable luggage set is a great choice because the price is low and almost everyone that has bought this set has left a five star review. Reading reviews is very helpful when you are planning to make a purchase of any kind. This is because you can assess issues that others have had with the item and work out whether this is an issue that will affect you. It is made of lightweight, durable tear resistant fabric and there is plenty of room for everything that you need.

Best Suitcases For International Travellers - Travelpro Maxlite Expandable Suitcase

travelpro suitcase

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A warranty or a guarantee is a good sign that you are buying a quality suitcase. This suitcase comes with a lifetime warranty which is fantastic. The handle can be adjusted to two different heights which makes this easy to wheel around. If you are a short or tall person you will love this feature. This is an expandable design so you can be sure to fit in all of your essentials and a little extra.

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