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Best-selling toy for 2013 – ROBO FISH by ZURU

rrrr-srrr_07a166ca12The fastest-selling toy globally this year is the Robo Fish, with 15 million sold so far, and manufacturers Zuru are having to produce 70,000 of the little swimmers every day to keep up with demand.article-2513912-19A8A92700000578-780_634x399The brightly coloured aquatic robot toys spring to life and swim around realistically as soon as they are dropped into water, and deactivate as soon as they are removed and dried off, ready for their next paddle - VIDEO.article-2513912-19A8A93400000578-424_306x399

The fish has been a top five-selling toy in over 40 countries and has won multiple awards, including a coveted place on this year's Dream Toys list.article-2513912-19A8A92300000578-714_306x399

And in some places it's being used as more than just a toy. Some swimming instructors are helping their young pupils learn to swim with the help of the robotic fish, in order to help introduce them to the world of swimming.article-2513912-19A8A93800000578-625_634x423
Named as one of this year's Dream Toys by the Toy Retailers' Association, Robo Fish mimics the motion and characteristics of real fish when dropped into water.
Developed by Hong Kong based company Zuru using the newest in aquatic robotic technology, they automatically activate when placed in water using carbon sensors.

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Source: DailyMail