Beech Flooring For Every Style and Space!

Beech Flooring For Every Style and Space!

UK citizens love to live in homes that represent their social status, luxurious inclinations and depict classic interior finishes. Beech flooring presents potential homeowners and existing homeowners looking to upgrade their homes with the opportunity to do just that. Being a classy hardwood floor with exceptional qualities, Beech flooring has come to be enthusiastically utilised in many homes within the UK and beyond. Hardwood floors provide homes with an exquisite finish that is not only functionally appealing but also adds great value and a unique ambience into properties no matter the style used or the space fitted. Beech wood is used to produce floor boards with unique wood grain patterns and extended durability.

In the past, Beech floor were not as common as they are today. This is due to the fact that it is a hardwood that is exceeding challenging to work on by simply using conventional hand tools. One other Beech floor property that tended to discourage its use was that it has the tendency to suffer shrinkages if poorly cured. At Just Wood, our mechanised equipment ensures our clients are able to source Beech wood floor boards that come in a wide range on colour shades.

 At our warehouse, one can find Beech wood floor boards with colour shades ranging from light cream to brown. Beech wood floors have the natural ability to reflect natural light in a room such that it offers home owners an illusion of space especially in instances where room spaces are limited. The wide range of colour shades that beech flooring presents allows home owners to match floors to their desired interior design choices given that Beech wood reacts exceptionally well to stains and discrete finishes.

There are many advantages that accrue to homeowners who opt to use Beech flooring in their homes. Beech wood is a hardwood that presents homeowners with the opportunity to add greater value to their homes or business premises. It is a highly durable and robust hardwood and can be used to floor any room in a home from patios to kitchens to bedrooms. This is because its natural hardness, strength, and durability present homeowners with low maintenance costs even when foot traffic levels may be exceptionally high.

It is however important for homeowners to understand that Beech floors lose their durability when installed in spaces that experience recurrent moisture exposure such as is the case with bathrooms. However, homeowners are able to maintain Beech floors for a very long time and even a lifetime by simply vacuuming or sweeping them regularly and ensuring that spillages are swiftly cleaned off as soon as they occur.
At Just Wood, our qualified woodworkers always accord our clients the best maintenance guidelines aimed at optimising the functionality and durability of Beech flooring. As much as Beech wood floors are comparatively robust, durable, and hard, it is in essence a wood-based product implying that it can suffer damages which can be an eyesore to homeowners.

Just Wood has been in operation for over three decades and has been the principal supplier of Beech wood flooring boards to homeowners in Hampshire, Sussex, and Surrey. We take pride in our work and strive to ensure our clients have Beech flooring installations in their homes that meet individual tastes and preferences. The many years of experience have enabled us to have highly skilled and dedicated staff specializing in a wide range of Beech flooring techniques. These include refurbishment of aging Beech flooring, renovations, and the installation of new Beech flooring.

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