Beautiful Ocean Of Flowers

There are many stunning places on this earth that defy the imagination. This Beautiful Ocean Of Flowers is located in one of those places. The Hitachi Seaside Park is located in Japan and during the month of April it is home to approximately 4.5 million flowers. The flowers you see in the image below are commonly called Baby blue eyes. Their actual name is Nemophila menziesii, they are spring wildflowers that are native to California. If you like these flowers and would like to grow some of your own you can purchase a pack of 600 seeds for only $2. flowers image via Teerayut HiruntarapornBeautiful Ocean Of Flowers image via azureflowers3image via Atsushi Motoyamablue eyesimage via hirocamebaby blue eyesqimage via Shirunosuke

These beautiful blue flowers are not the only amazing site to see at The Hitachi Seaside Park. The 190 hectare park also features 1 million daffodils, 170 varieties of tulips and many other flowers. here is also a ferris wheel with an amazing view of the park.

If you ever visit Japan then you should definitely put this park on your things to see list. In case you are not convinced here are some more stunning photographs.Japan_Hitachi_Seaside_Parkviahitachi-seaside-park-5-7902viahitachi-seaside-park-12-790[2]viaHitachi-Seaside-Park-03Japan-FlowersDaffodils-in-JapanPath-of-Pink-Tulipsvia

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