12 Beautiful Jade Bangles To Wear Or Gift

12 Beautiful Jade Bangles To Wear Or Gift

These beautiful jade bangles are unique, lovely jewellery pieces. Jade is a beautiful semi-precious stone and Jade jewellry items are said to bring blessings to the wearer. Jade Bangles are a great gift idea because they are a beautiful choice of stone for a fashion accessory and considered to be a good luck talisman. It is said that the jade stone can promote calmness and soothe the rhythm of the heart.

Any women who loves jewellery will love to have a jade bangle in her collection. A wonderful gift idea for Mother's Day, birthdays or holidays. Jade bangles are a good choice as a gift for many different occasions because they are interesting and unique.




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Carved Green Jade Slip-On Bangle

A beautiful, ornate carved Jade slip on bangle that is impregnated with polymers to enhance its color and improve its stability. This is a hand carved bangle makes a wonderful gift because it is gorgeous to look at and wear.



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Burmese Light Green Jade Queen Bangle

This beautiful jade bangle suits anyone as there are three different size options available. Simply indicate your size when ordering to get the bangle that is right for you. This is a solid jade bangle that is a great gift because it comes in a lovely brocade box. The jade used to create it is stunning because  is a gorgeous shade of bright green.



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Hand Carved Natural Jade Bangle

This bangle is hand carved and polished. Made from natural jade with an inner diameter of approximately 2.3 inches. A beautiful addition to any jewellery collection because of its unique style and color.

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Sterling Silver Bangle With Jade and Diamonds

Find a special gift for a loved one or a beautiful piece that complements your personal style with jewelry from the Amazon Curated Collection. This sterling silver bangle features a jade oval set into silver clasps. The diamonds are I-J color with 12-13 clarity and the are also conflict free. This is a lovely choice with a classic and timeless appeal.





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Jade and Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

A beautiful jade and silver bangle that is a dream to wear, comes in a black gift box. This bangle bracelet is sure to impress as it features a unique and interesting design. The jade has been treated with polymers in order to enhance it's color and stability. Untreated jade can break quite easily when dropped onto a hard surface.

jade bangle

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Chinese Jade Bangle

An elegant genuine Jade bangle perfect for giving because it comes in a gift box. These are made from natural jade so each one will look different depending on the colors and patterns of the jade that is used. This makes them great for layering, you can wear two or three together and they will match but will not all be exactly the same.

jade bracelet

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Silver And Gold Jade Link Bracelet / Bangle

This bracelet features green jade set into links of sterling silver. The sterling silver is coated with 18k gold. Beautiful and unique because of the colors and because it is a handcrafted item.

lavender jade bangle

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Lavender and Green Jade Bangle

Green jade is beautiful but many people are not aware of the fact that jade comes in many other shades. It is available in quite a few shades of green as well as lavenders, browns, whites, yellows, reds, blues and shades of orange. This gorgeous bangle features lavender and green jade it has also been hand crafted and polished. It is available in three different sized to suit.

natural jade bangles

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Auspicious Cloud Jade Bangles

These natural green jade bangles come in four different sizes due to differences in wrist sizes. You will love these because they are hand carved and hand polished. Each one is different because of the fact they are hand made and differences in the natural stone used. Each one comes with a gift box for convenience and storage.

red jade bangle

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A polished jade bangle in a stand out shade of red. Red jade is unique and beautiful it is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who loves precious stone. It is found in the USA, China, Italy, Myanmar, Russia, and in the Middle East. A great talisman jewellery item that is believed to protect and bring peace to the wearer.

gold and jade bangle

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Gold and Jade Bangle / Bracelet

A lovely jewellery piece featuring gold and bright green jade. The jade used in theis bracelet was found in Malaysia and is 100% natural. Sure to be appreciated as a gift because it is a beautiful, quality item.

white jade bangle

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A natural white / grey jade bangle that will fit most because it is approximately six inches wide.

Natural White / Grey Jade Bangle

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