Beautiful Gooty Sapphire Tree Spider

Beautiful Gooty Sapphire Tree Spider

The Beautiful Gooty Sapphire Tree Spider is a type of Tarantula. It is actually called the Poecilotheria Metallica but it is also sometimes called metallic tarantula, peacock parachute spider, peacock tarantula, salepurgu, Gooty Sapphire, or Gooty Tarantula. This a very rare spider that is currently threatened with extinction.

Beautiful Gooty Sapphire Tree SpiderSource: DJANDYW.COM AKA NOBODY/Flickr

It has only been found in a small forest area of less than 100 square kilometers. Its natural habitat is a deciduous forest in southern India. Unfortunately, this fantastic-looking spider is classified as critically endangered by the IUCN Red List. This is because much of its limited habitat has been destroyed. Another threat identified by IUCN is specimen collection for the pet trade.

No human deaths have ever been recorded as a result of being bitten by the Poecilotheria Metallica. The venom is, however, considered to be medically significant and causes intense pain.

Beautiful Gooty Sapphire Tree SpiderSource: Micha L. Rieser/Wikimedia Commons 

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