Beautiful Diy Clipboard Ideas

Creating great DIY projects is about using your imagination to make everyday things look amazing! These Beautiful Diy Clipboard Ideas are a superb example of this. Clipboards are inexpensive and you will be amazed at the wonderful displays you can create with them. To start you will need some clipboards! You might have some already that you want to use or you can purchase some like the pack below which is a bargain at around $14.00 for six clipboards.clipboards

Advantage Hard Board Clipboard with Low Profile Clip, Standard Letter Size (Pack of 6), Earth Friendly and Made in the USABeautiful Diy Clipboard Ideas

Clipboards can be used to display many different things. One great idea is a rustic styled artwork display like the one below. Great for artists or for displaying the artwork of a child or loved one. A cool way to display your favorite classic artwork as well. Many classic painting are public domain and can be downloaded and printed online. rustic clipboard art display

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If you would like to add some color to a plain room you can create a stunning display by simply painting your clipboards with bright colors. A cool idea for a home office, you can clip paperwork so it can be found easily or display your work.Beautiful Diy Clipboard Ideas

Decorating with patterns or designs looks really cool. You can hand paint your clipboards or decorate using printed gift wrap or scrapbooking paper.DIY decorated clipboards



designer clipboards

A simple black and white display is also very effective. A good way to display your favorite quotes or poetry.clipboard DIY

clipboard quote display

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