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10 Beautiful And Interesting Hourglasses

10 Beautiful And Interesting Hourglasses

These beautiful and interesting hourglasses are stunning decorative pieces that are also useful. Hourglasses are not often used to time things anymore but have become very popular as decorative home decor accents.

These are also popular in the office because they look great as a decorative item on a desk. There is a wide variety of different designs available.

This is great because you can be sure to find an hourglass that matches your existing decor.

These are not just a cool home decor item because they are also useful. They are useful because you can use an hourglass to time things.

An hourglass is cool for timing things in the kitchen and a great alternative timer for when you are cooking outdoors. Because they require no batteries they are excellent for timing food when you are cooking over a campfire.

You do not need to worry that your hourglass will break when you are transporting it because many are made of plastic.

1. Metal And Glass 15 Minute Hourglass

metal hourglass

image source - amazon        available at - amazon

This hourglass is a 60 minute sand timer with a 15 minute interval. It features a design that will look great in your home or office. It will not damage tabletops because it has been designed with a flat bottom.

2. Blue Sand 15 Minute Hourglass

10 Beautiful And Interesting Hourglasses

image source - zanui        available at - zanui

This hourglass features a beautiful blue shade. It would look cool in any beach house because of the color. Use it as an accent in any room that features the color blue. It is sure to add to the atmosphere in your kitchen or elsewhere.

3. Vintage Look Decorative Brass Sand Timer With Compass

vintage hourglass

image source - amazon        available at - amazon

If you love items with a vintage look then you will love this one because it is made from vintage look brass. There is an antique style compass built into the top that adds to the look. This is a 3 minute timer made from brass and glass. A wonderful decorative piece.

4. Magnetic Sand Hourglass

magnetic hourglass

image source - amazon        available at - amazon

This one is cool because the sand inside the hourglass is magnetic. It creates unique shapes as the sand moves from the top of the glass to the bottom.

5. 15 Minute Boxed Hourglass

boxed hourglass

image source -  milligram       available at - milligram

This hourglass is perfect to give as a gift because it comes boxed. You will find that it is easy to wrap and is a cool, unique gift idea.

6. Sterling Silver Hourglass Necklace

hourglass necklace

image source - amazon        available at - amazon

This little hourglass necklace is a wonderful gift idea because it is so unique. It is a quality sterling silver necklace that is elegant and beautiful.

7. Purple Diamond Shaped Hourglass

purple hourglass

image source - amazon        available at - amazon

If you love the color purple then you might like this one because the sand inside it is purple. It takes approximately fifteen minutes for the sand to move to the bottom half of the timer. A great decor idea for any room such as a bedroom, office or living area. This one is also a cool idea for any kitchen that features the color purple.

8. Chrome Plated 30 Minute Hourglass

rose gold hourglass

image source - amazon        available at - amazon

This hourglass features chrome accents in a rose gold shade. It is a thirty minute hourglass that looks good and works well.

9. Bright 5 Minute Hourglass

bright hourglass

image source - amazon        available at - amazon

If you love bright colors you will love this hourglass because of the stunning bright green color. It is a beautiful hourglass that is very durable. This one is more durable than many other hourglasses because it is made of plastic. It is a five-minute timer that is perfect for timing short activities.

10. Jewellery Grade Hourglass

quality hourglass

image source - amazon        available at - amazon

You will love this hourglass as a display piece because it is made from high-quality materials. The design is modern and unique so it is sure to look great anywhere. This hourglass is a little different compared to many that are around. It does not contain sand. Traditional hourglasses usually contain sand but this one is filled with millions of nanobeads. Each one of the tiny beads is made of glass. This is useful as an hourglass but also looks amazing if you wish to display it as a decorative item.

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