Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout LEGO

A superb premium LEGO set featuring 8 minifigures that any superhero or LEGO fan will love! The Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout LEGO set includes the following figures BatmanTM, Robin, The Joker, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Dr Harleen Quinzel, Scarecrow and a guard, all with assorted weapons. Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout LEGO

The Arkham Asylum features opening cell doors, special Poison Ivy cell with transparent doors and Mr. Freeze icy tower room.Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout LEGO

The included Batman figure is a really cool one with awesome bat wings attached. Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout LEGO

The intricate parts really make this an awesome LEGO collectable that is a lot of fun. cool lego set

A neat security van is included as well as gothic elements that complete the atmosphere.

LEGO truck

LEGO Asylum

Box LEGO Heros

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