Balanced Diet Yin Yang Serving Bowls Set

Balanced Diet Yin Yang Serving Bowls Set

The Balanced Diet Yin Yang Serving Bowls Set is a fun novelty item that is also great to use. These are sure to attract attention at your next dinner party because they are so different and interesting. The Yin yang symbol is a Chinese symbol that represents contrasting elements. Chinese philosophy says that contrasting elements can also compliment each other. This is very true when it comes to food. Contrasting flavors are often used together in many different popular dishes.

yin yang serving bowls

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Some common dishes, flavors and food combinations that display the element of contrast are as follows.

  • Sweet & sour.
  • Hot & cold such as fried ice cream or hot deserts served with cold whipped cream.
  • Salty & sweet. This combination is currently used to make salted caramel.
  • Vegetables & meat.

Balanced Diet Yin Yang Serving Bowls Set

image source            Available at uncommon goods

You can probably think of many other examples because there are a lot.

Balanced Diet Yin Yang Serving Bowls Set

This set is a visual pun on the term balanced diet which is very amusing to those who get it. As well as being cool and interesting this is also a quality handmade item. Each serving bowl set is handmade and hand polished in India by artisans. This is not a set that you will see often so it is sure to stand out on your table.

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