Bacteria Powered Light

Biobulb-BannerThree undergraduates from the university of Wisconsin have created an amazing lightbulb called the Biobulb. They have come up with a way to supply light without the use of electrcity. The Biobulb relies on live bacteria to produce light. A genetically engineered species of E-coli is included in the design and an introduced loop of DNA will give the microbes the genes that are required for bioluminescence.

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of visible light by a living organism. E-coli does not usually glow but the introduction of the DNA loop will give it the ability to produce light in a similar way to glow worms and some other types of organisms.


Frontier Fellows Biobulb Project from Wisc Institute for Discovery on Vimeo.

The basic goal here is to create a self sustaining ecosystem that produces light. The ecosystem is made of of several different microorganisms, each one plays a vital role in recycling nutrients that the other microbes need in order to survive. More research is needed but the scientists predict that with more experimentation it will be possible to produce different coloured light emissions and different triggers that will activate the glowing bacteria.

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