8 Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget

8 Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget

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Not many people know about this, but the look of the stairs in your house can be modified, and embellished in an endless number of ways. A nice makeover idea can completely transform the appearance of your stairs and provide them with an attractive new look so that they may become the center of attraction in your home.

However, it is never easy to find the perfect staircase decoration idea. In order to help you out, we have prepared a list of the best DIY staircase makeovers; and the best part is that you don't need any additional tools and skills to implement these great staircase makeover strategies.

1. Multi-print Staircase Stickers - Buy Now

8 Staircase Makeover Ideas on a BudgetSource: TUOKING/Amazon

You can easily apply these adhesive stickers to your stairs and give them a vibrant look. The multi-print staircase stickers are made of eco-friendly polyvinyl material, plus they are waterproof, scratch-resistant, and dustproof. So in a mere budget of $35, you can completely change the look of your stairs, and cover them with a lovable protective layer.

These stickers can also be trimmed according to the size of your staircase, and whenever you want to, you can clean them by applying soap and water.

2. 3D Wooden Staircase - Buy Now8 Staircase Makeover Ideas on a BudgetSource: AOUSTHOP/Amazon

Here is a great staircase makeover option for people who love 3D art. These self-adhesive 3D stickers are made from odorless, non-toxic material, and allow you to enjoy the beauty of wooden logs in your own home. The stickers are approximately 0.3 mm thick and you can choose from three different variants offered by the manufacturer.  

3. Under the Stairs Organizer 8 Staircase Makeover Ideas on a BudgetSource: D.A Santos/YouTube

The space below your stairs can be used smartly with the help of a staircase shelf. You can easily build this useful storage utility, here are the instructions. However, if you are looking for a readymade solution, check out Furinno's under the stair turn-n-tube shelf which is made of high-quality wood and comes with a durable walnut finish.

4. Flowerpot Staircase Sticker - Buy Now8 Staircase Makeover Ideas on a BudgetSource: TUOKING/Amazon

These flowerpot stickers look very real and they can also make your staircase look colorful and bright. If you love gardening, then this staircase makeover idea is something you would find very inspiring.

The flowerpot stickers do not require any glue, they are self-adhesive and can be easily installed without any special skills or external help.

5. Bookshelf Staircase - Buy Now8 Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Source: FLFK/Amazon

Are you a book lover? Here is a staircase makeover idea that can make your stairs look like classic wooden bookshelves. You can't actually pick a book out of these stickers but they will definitely keep reminding you of your reading schedule. 

6. DIY Staircase Lighting8 Staircase Makeover Ideas on a BudgetSource: Andy Bird Builds/YouTube

You can make your stairs more alive by adding lights to them. You just need some basic DIY tools, LED strip lights, and a little bit of enthusiasm to make it happen. This trick is powerful enough to turn any boring stairs into an attractively lit stepping zone, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions.

7. Waterfall Staircase - Buy Now8 Staircase Makeover Ideas on a BudgetSource: FLFK/Amazon

If you like to stay close to nature, then the waterfall staircases are what you just might be looking for. These refreshing waterfall stickers are made from long-lasting material, and they will give you positive vibes every time you walk up or down the stairs.

8. Staircase Quotes - Buy Now8 Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Source: tanyastickers/Amazon

Painting and writing positive lines on your stairs is a super-creative idea. You can fill your staircase with inspiring words, quotes, your favorite movie dialogues, or even jokes. This will not only beautify your stairs but also inspire the artist within you.

Bonus: Staircase Door Wallpaper - Buy Now8 Staircase Makeover Ideas on a BudgetSource: MISSSIXTY/Amazon

This is not a staircase makeover idea but a staircase wallpaper that looks very interesting. You can apply this to any door inside your home, and you will be surprised to see the fun-filled illusion it creates. Your kids and guests are sure to fall in love with this staircase wallpaper.

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