Awesome DIY Fire and Ice Lantern

This Awesome DIY Fire and Ice Lantern is so simple to make. A wonderful decoration for any Christmas party or winter celebration.


You probably already have some or all of these ingredients at home. The first thing that you need to do is to fill the balloon with water as lantern1 ice lantern2 Once you have enough water in the balloon to create a lantern of the size you want pinch it closed. Then wrap the rubber band around the opening to seal lantern3 The next part is a little tricky. To create the space where the candle will go, stretch the neck of the balloon over a shot glass. Make sure that the diameter of your shot glass is wider than your candle. You can use something else like a pop bottle if it is lantern4 Next place the balloon in a bowl that is about the same size as the balloon so it holds it's shape. Then work the opening of the balloon over the shot glass as far as you can so the candle space is kept free of water. ice lantern5 Freeze the lantern for between 12 and 24 hours until it is solid. Once it is frozen pour some hot water inside the shot glass so you can easily remove it. ice lantern6 Peel the balloon away from the ice and then place it upside down over your LED candle. All done!   ice lantern8 ice lantern9


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