Award Winning Owl Puppet With Turning Head

Award Winning Owl Puppet With Turning Head

This Award Winning Owl Puppet With Turning Head is a fantastic gift idea for any child. It is not just children that enjoy puppets, some adults collect them. If you know someone who collects puppets they are sure to like this one because it features an award winning design.

This puppet is made using very high quality materials and there is a hidden internal rod. The rod make it possible for you to turn the owls head. This is cool because you can make it appear as though the owl is looking at a certain person or in a certain direction. The puppet measures 3 inches long, 3 inches wide and six inches high.

Use this cool owl puppet for puppet shows, storytelling or teaching. This is a great teaching tool because children are sure to enjoy it. It is often beneficial to use a puppet when teaching lessons to children as it makes it fun and memorable for them. Children can even build a DIY puppet theatre out of cardboard boxes.

The company that designs and makes this puppet is called Folkmanis. This company has been designing puppets for children since 1976. Folkmanis offers over 200 amazing specialty puppets. They focus on creating lovable and realistic puppet creatures that children can relate to.

Award Winning Owl Puppet With Turning Head

Award Winning Owl Puppet With Turning Head

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