Augmented Reality Magik Smart Kids Toothbrush

Augmented Reality Magik Smart Kids Toothbrush

The augmented reality Magik kids smart kids toothbrush is an excellent way to encourage your children to remember to brush their teeth. Brushing teeth is a very important habit to teach children but it is not always an easy task. If your child does not like to brush their teeth or if they have trouble remembering this toothbrush could help. A very cool and fun way to brush teeth.

An Interactive Smart Kids Toothbrush

This is the very first smart toothbrush for kids that features augmented reality. It it designed to encourage, motivate and teach children to brush their teeth. They will look forward to brushing their teeth because it is so much fun.

smart kids toothbrush

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It Teaches Children How To Brush Their Teeth Correctly

Not only does this smart toothbrush motivate kids to brush their teeth it also teaches them how. It detects the way that the toothbrush is moved and teaches the user how to move it correctly. It is important that children learn to brush their teeth in the proper way. This is a habit that will benefit you child for their whole life.

kids smart toothbrush

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The Companion App Lets You Track Your Child's Progress

You can download the companion app in order to track your child's progress. It gives you information about how often your child brushes their teeth and lets you know whether or not they have brushed properly. You can use this information to let your child know what they need to do differently or reward them when they have done a good job.

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