Artificial Gill Technology

Artificial Gill Technology

The development of artificial gill technology is one that will enhance the experience of diving for all enthusiasts. It will essentially mean that divers have access to an unlimited supply of air. They will be able to move around freely without the need of restricting lines and tubes. TRITON  human gills have been designed using technology that is currently being developed in Korea.  Learning to operate the complex equipment used by divers is an issue for people wanting to try it for the first time. The artificial gill would be much easier to operate, so many more people could enjoy exploring underwater attractions.

artificial gill technologySource: TRITON/Behance

The device was designed by a Korean student who claims that it condenses oxygen so that it can be inhaled by the wearer. This is a ground breaking project that may one day be able to provide humans with an ability we have only ever dreamed about, breathing underwater.triton_structure01_905Source: TRITON/Behance

There are many critics who claim that the whole idea is impossible. Regardless of this, it is a step in the right direction and I hope that development continues so we can see if this is a possibility.

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