Amazing Polish Sculptures

Amazing Polish Sculptures

Polish Sculptures image by ~Julo 

Sculptures are three dimensional works of art and there are examples of it originating from almost every culture. There are many interesting sculptures on display in Poland, some of them are in public places and others in museums or private collections. The Polish Sculpture Center boast a collection of 621 sculptures and other art forms. Enjoying local artwork is a very good way to explore any place that you visit and Poland does not disappoint!

One of the most amazing public art installations in Poland is the Przejście.  Przejście (translation - Passage or Transition) was installed in 2005 to mark the 24th anniversary of the introduction of martial law in Poland which happened in 1981. During that time many people were killed and many others went missing. The Przejście represents this time in history with the imagery of disappearing civilians that seem to be sinking into the earth.


image via memnativ

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