Amazing “Octopus " Truck

Hymexia_IMG_7640_MODNice challenge that performed by two companies Granges (Veveyse)... a municipality in the district of Veveyse in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland, the engineering firm Hymexia and Mechanical workshop Vincent Bourguet . In seven months, between March and October 2012, the two partners have designed and built an amazing truck, called “Octopus ".
This cleaner tunnel controlled by the company Colas Switzerland, and that can be seen today in action in one of Geneva's motorway tunnels.
The design, it, amounts to two of five Hymexia engineers. The Vevey engineers have designed the eight articulated arms and hydraulic brush drive and hydraulic transmission ensuring the constant movement of the truck at 2 km / h (speed). Both rigid and lightweight, this mechanism should take, once folded in a traditional template loading. The rocks should also be removable, so as to release the truck for other tasks.

“The articulated arm can perform 72 different movements," explains André Droux, technical director Hymexia. Deployed, they reach a vault located 7.66 meters from the ground. Eight brushes range possible to wash in a single pass band (a " linear ") 8 50 m wide on either side (the right foot) and half - arch tunnel. This tunnel profile is round, oval or square. "The modularity and the cleaning ability are unparalleled," says engineer 42 ans. Another advantage washing machines high pressure: the machine uses little water and no detergent.
"It took more than 2000 hours in the workshop, 3 and half months to assemble the 1,000 pieces of steel alloy laser cut. This machine also includes 600 meters of water pipes that had to be adjusted, “smiled his side Vincent Bourguet, which involved up to 6 employees for the occasion.
The machine presented in June at the fair vehicles communities (Switzerland Public) has already given certain notoriety for both companies, rather young. Hymexia specializing in hydraulic and mechanical machinery came into existence in 2009, Vincent Bourguet, specializing in agricultural and hydraulic mechanics, has been independent since 2005. The two partners who have already signed such a recycling machine ice rink along well together even on other prototypes.6235102df7892e23af5fe6d151032ba5_big

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