Summer Vibes

Amazing Living Laboratory

TheĀ  University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Faculty of Engineering and IT (FEIT) has built anĀ Amazing Living Laboratory. This cool building is a laboratory with gills. It is a structure that lives and breathes.Amazing Living LaboratorySeveral different features are incorporated into this building. These include solar panels, water recycling, a roof mounted wind turbine, three electric vehicle charging stations and gills. The gills have been creased into aluminium plates. The aluminium plates are perforated with binary code. At night the gills are lit by green LED lights. This is the first of the three interesting building that will be constructed at the university campus.

Power is fed from solar concentrating into a micro grid. The micro grid provides power to laboratories and classrooms.


In order to find an outstanding design a competition was held. The FEIT Building Design Competition was won in 2009 by architects Denton Corker Marshall.