Summer Vibes

Amazing Kinetic Origami Sculpture

This Amazing Kinetic Origami Sculpture  was deigned by Brasil based artist Jo Nakashima. The inspiration for this cool sculpture came in part from Erik Åberg’s interlocking kinetic cube system . The system designed by Erik Åberg is called Ghostcubes.  This method designed by Jo Nakashima is a system which uses 40 paper cubes. You do this yourself if you have enough patience! There are 45 steps in the tutorial which are contained in the video below.

 instruct Fullscreen capture 17102014 74945 PM  Jo Nakashima runs an awesome and very popular youtube channel which has same awesome origami tutorials. Some of the videos have as many as 13 million views! Amazing Kinetic Origami Sculpture   If you have some time on your hands this is a cool project to tackle. The results are certainly cool enough to make the effort worth it!