Add Style and Character to Your Home

Add Style and Character to Your Home

‘A man’s home is his castle,’ said Darryl Kerrigan of The Castle, in his fictional movie house in Melbourne’s south, and I have to say - movie or not - he wasn’t wrong. Our home is where we sleep and eat, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s where we live, entertain and love, whether that’s with family, friends or in a share house. We all to some extent ‘nest’ - which means that we make our space comfortable with things and objects that are pleasing to us - and I want to take a look at some of the ways in which we make our homes stylish and character filled.


Lighting is a vital part of any home. While some people have fluro lights in their homes and think nothing of it, there’s nothing more stylish than a vintage light in the corner of a room casting a soft glow, perhaps a scarf draped (safely) over the top to give it that bit of extra pizzazz.

2.Wall hangings

A blank wall is a sad thing to behold - so make sure that your wall is always exciting with some artwork or fabric hanging. You can even dress up a wall with something as simple as some polaroids or postcards blu-tacked to it.


I love the look of plants in the home, whether it’s some ferns in the bathroom or a nice peace lily in the lounge room. Give your home some style and a lush, jungle feel with some plants. Make sure you water them though!


This is a bit of a blanket statement, but anything kitsch or retro is a great addition to a home and gives it some style and character.


If you have a boring or plain sofa, consider getting some fabric and draping it over the back or over an arm to give it a bit of style.


Dress up a plain living room with some funky cushions and add some comfort as you do.


A plain carpet can be made more exciting with the addition of a great rug, and if you have a polished wooden floor, you’ll find that a rug or floor covering like rattan makes for a great stylish feature.


Show off your love of literature or comics by displaying your books in a prominent location in your lounge or rumpus room.


Choose funky or interesting furniture from a second hand store - perhaps a nice table with mismatched chairs, or if your budget doesn’t run to that, Ikea has some great options.

10.Vintage artwork

Buy some vintage prints online cheaply and have them framed for a great stylish addition to your walls.

11.Retro collectables

Cute and funky collectables are a great piece to display on a bookshelf with some extra space. Scour second hand store and eBay for some cute stuff.

12.Beloved clothing as artwork

Have a gorgeous leather jacket, kimono or fur that you love? Why not display it on a wall as artwork?

13.A fireplace

Nothing says style more than a beautiful fireplace, and there’s nothing more cozy in wintertime that having a fireplace in Melbourne where the temperature can easily hit zero on a cold winter’s morning.


Love taking pictures? Display some photos of friends and travels on your walls for a great conversation starter and artwork in one.

15.Old cameras

Part of any hipster house is a collection of old cameras (film, of course) cluttered artfully in a corner. Get yours from any secondhand store worth their salt.

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