About us

WellDoneStuff is a curated product blog that focuses on finding cool, unique, useful, funny, and otherwise interesting products. Every day we search the internet for great products to share. Navigating the online shopping world can be a time-consuming and complicated task, this is why we do the hard work for you. We bring you the newest, funniest, most useful, and all purpose stuff for your daily life . Here at WellDoneStuff, we bring you a mix of hard-to-find, popular, and unique shopping selections. We do not solely focus on major brands, but instead provide a place where artists and small business are featured alongside major brands. WellDoneStuff is one of the sub- brands of Interest Medya Bilişim A.Ş.


Melissa has been writing product articles and lists at WellDoneStuff since 2013. For the last several years, she has also been self-employed running a private nursery in Australia that grows and sells rare plants. She has studied at several different educational institutions and holds qualifications in the areas of Graphic Design, Psychology, and Advertising § Marketing. During the last 20 years, Melissa has completed many freelance projects involving Graphic Design, Writing, and Marketing. She has a wide range of work experience in roles such as customer service, retail management, advertising, social media management, copy-writing, and counselling. As a creator of content at WellDoneStuff Melissa is always learning new skills and honing existing skills in new ways. She enjoys gardening, reading, writing poetry, and spending time with family.


Huseyin serves as the CEO and Founder of Interesting Engineering and Well Done Stuff. He earned his degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering from the University of Gaziantep, Turkey. Over the years, he’s developed a content, advertising, and marketing strategy that’s helped his team reach an audience of over 10 million people globally. Huseyin currently lives in Istanbul and claims he “hasn’t had free time since he founded WDS.” When he does get a moment to relax, he loves reading nonfiction and watching documentaries.


One of Zeynep’s biggest passions was to master the art of Marketing & Sales and to realize her dream, she went to Marietta College and graduated with a degree in International Business Management, with an emphasis in International Marketing in 2006. Afterward, she got her first job in finance at Scania for three years, but it wasn’t exactly what she set her mind on and wanted to pursue an MBA to further her career in Marketing. Attending SF State University for an MBA in 2011 changed her life and landed a job in the Media industry with International Data Group in San Francisco right after graduation in 2013. Coming back to the roots in Istanbul, she loved the startup world and continued to work for various fast-growing tech start-ups such as V-Count and Prisync from 2016 to 2019 conquering the tips and tricks of the Marketing, Sales and Business Development world. For her, life is constant progress and she wants to literally become “The Best” at everything she does and is willing to go beyond her capability to become the best version of herself and also help others to achieve their goals as much as she can.


Tolga is a fresh graduate of American Culture and Literature from Ankara University. Before joining the WellDoneStuff team he has, for years, been working as a freelance translator. During his studies and after graduation, he has collaborated with various companies from different spheres of the industry as their communicator with their international customers. For this purpose, He has been to many countries. He also completed a couple of internships both in the private and public sector. He has worked for 6 months as a translator at TED Conferences on project based. He believes that as a sales executive at WDS, not only will he enjoy learning new skills and digital publishing but also he will be serving best of his knowledge and experience to WDS. He loves reading and getting to know new people, cultures. He can speak Macedonian, Serbian, and Spanish.


Busra studied International Relations at Bahçeşehir University. She studied in Washington D.C for one semester. During her time in States, she had the chance to observe and learn about different cultures, and she fell in love with traveling. After completing her master studies at Boğaziçi University, she decided to jump in the advertisement field. She started her career as a Social Media intern in an advertisement agency. Since then, she has been working in different areas in the communications industry. She is currently a content strategist at WellDoneStuff.


Berke Yeşilpınar is a video editor for WellDoneStuff (WDS). He is a passionate fresh graduate who holds a Bachelor in Media and Communication at the Izmir Economy University. Prior to joining the WDS team, Berke worked at 3M Parkfit as a Customer Communications Manager Trainee. He also completed several internships including roles at Habertürk Newspaper Ege Sports Service and TRT Izmir. Some of the proudest moments in his career were dubbing a documentary broadcast by TRT Documentary Channel and writing an article about sports for GQ Turkey’s website. In his spare time, Berke loves to play and coach basketball.