9 Items to Commemorate Frankenstein

9 Items to Commemorate Frankenstein

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Happy National Frankenstein Day. Host a Frankenstein party in honor of the 1800's best-known horror characters. How about playing a Frankendstin trivia and handing out prizes? Or giving a gift to your friend who is also a Frankenstein fan? Here are some Frankenstein themed gift ideas.

1. Squishy

9 Items to Commemorate Frankenstein
Source: TTN/Amazon

Frankenstein's monster probably wasn't that cute or soft but squishies make everything cuter. Here's a squishier version of the monster. He and his friends are ready to relief your stress! They will fit in the palm of your hand for easy squishing.

2. Squishmallows

9 Items to Commemorate Frankenstein
Source: Squishmallows/Amazon

Squishmallows are huggable, loveable buddies made from super soft squishy-like texture combined with polyester. This marshmallow version of the monster will protect you at night from other monsters!

3. Funko Pop Frankenstein Monster

9 Items to Commemorate Frankenstein
Source: Pop/Amazon

Here's the Frankenstein's Monster from the Funko Pop Monster series. Another cute version of the monster but this time he has a flower in his hand and waiting to be gifted! The figure can stand by itself, so it's a great collection piece to exhibit on shelves. 

4. Finger Puppets

9 Items to Commemorate Frankenstein
Source: Fun Express/Amazon

Finger puppets create a great option to spend time with your kids. This set includes other multicolor characters too, so you can introduce your child with Frankenstein's Monster and other fantastic world characters.

5. Collector Edition Doll

9 Items to Commemorate Frankenstein
Source: Mezco/Amazon

This Frankenstein's Monter figure is a must-have piece for collectors and Frankenstein fans. It has its own stand, and it's incredibly detailed. You can recreate the creature as memorably portrayed by Boris Karloff in your shelf.

6. Keychain

9 Items to Commemorate Frankenstein
Source: Brotherhood/Amazon

Keychains are a great way to show what you love. This keychain makes a nice gift for Frankenstein lovers. It's made of aluminum plate and is highly sturdy. It's also an excellent addition to your home or to your vehicle as a decor.

7. Mug

9 Items to Commemorate Frankenstein
Source: Geeki Tiki/Amazon

How about another decorative way to remember Frankenstein? This mug can be washed in the dishwasher, and it's made of microwave-safe material. It would be great to fill this mug up with cocktails and celebrate the day!

8. Candle Holder

9 Items to Commemorate Frankenstein
Source: Yankee Candle/Amazon

Nobody likes to be alone for a lifetime, even our monster! This couple is ready to hold your candles and create a romantic scenery for you and your special someone to spend some quality candle-lit time.

9. Book

9 Items to Commemorate Frankenstein
Source: Mary Shelley/Amazon

Frankenstein's book will help you to introduce your friends to the author's fantastic world. Also, giving this book as a gift will make the story of our doctor spread to more than just Frankenstein fans.

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