9 Everlasting Tripod Stands to Shoot the Best Instagram Reels

9 Everlasting Tripod Stands to Shoot the Best Instagram Reels

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A tripod stand is an excellent tool for any aspiring Instagrammer or YouTuber who wants to take their video game to the next level. It gives you more control of your camera while also reducing the handheld shake that you’re bound to get while filming on the go. Hence, you need to have the best tripod stand that'll make sure you shoot top-quality Instagram reels. 

A good tripod will help control the camera's movements to avoid shaking, which makes it easier to capture higher-quality video footage. But with so many different models on the market, how do you know which one is right for your needs? This guide will give you a rundown of what to look for in a tripod stand and how it can help improve your video footage.

1. UBeesize 12-inch Ring Light TripodTripod with ring lightSource: UBeesize/Amazon

If you're looking out for a tripod to shoot Instagram reels, a ring light is a mandatory equipment you can't miss out on. And, if you wish to get a ring light with a tripod at a reasonable price, look no further than this useful piece.

The UBeesize tripod offers a powerful ring light that emits 20W power using 240 LEDs. It's a tad bit better than its predecessor, the 10-inch model that gives 8W power.

What's more, you can use it as a selfie stick as well. The tripod can be extended to a range of 67 inches depending upon your requirements, and that height caters to various situations such as group photos, vlogging, selfies, etc. Apart from the ring light, you'll also get a holder and a wireless remote to hold your phone and operate it from a distance.

2. AmazonBasics Tripod Stand

Tripod for Instagram reelsSource: Amazon

For people who are just starting out their social media journey, most of them are on a shoestring budget. As such, if you aren't too serious about reels but would like to give it a nice try, the AmazonBasics tripod stand offers impressive features at an awfully inexpensive rate.

The tripod height ranges from a minimum of 16.5 inches to a maximum of 50 inches. It has lever-lock legs to ensure you can adjust the height easily as per your requirements.

Talking about an important drawback, you can't use this tripod stand for heavy devices like DSLR cameras. In all, the weight of the device has to be under 4 pounds.

3. Lusweimi 60-inch Camera Tripod

Tripod and other accessoriesSource: Lusweimi/Amazon

Whether you're a budding Youtuber or an aspiring photographer, the Lusweimi tripod has everything to fulfill your basic needs and get started at a reasonable rate. To begin with, the minimum and maximum height of the tripod is 44 cm (17.3 inches) and 152 cm (60 inches) respectively.

The Lusweimi camera tripod has a three-way head that can hold the heaviest of devices ranging from cell phones to tablets. It comes with a thick trapezoidal pipe that provides great stability. The tripod stand has a rather robust build quality, given that it's made of sturdy aluminum material.

4. Fugetek 51-inch Professional Tripod Stand

Tripod stand Source: Fugetek/Amazon

The Fugetek tripod is yet another stand in the same range as the AmazonBasics, but in terms of quality and offerings, it does much better. To start with, the non-slip rubber handle makes it easier for users to hold and move it around easily, especially if you're clicking selfies or vlogging.

You can also use this tripod as a standalone selfie-stick for clicking photos. Made of lightweight aluminum, you can easily store the tripod anywhere as it consumes less space.

5. Cupohus Tripod

Tripod standSource: Cupohus/Amazon

The Cupohus tripod can extend up to 67 inches in length and is built to satisfy different types of photography requirements. You can adjust the height using four quick flip locks as per your requirements.

The standout feature in the Cupohus tripod is the 1/4 inch screw that can hold a wide range of devices from DSLR cameras to GoPros and a varying range of mobile devices. The Cupohus tripod also comes with a sturdy, non-slip body that allows you to take photos and videos with no physical hindrance to obstruct your shooting sessions.

6. Pixel 80-inch Tripod Stand

Tripod stand with other accessoriesSource: Pixel/Amazon

The Pixel tripod stand is made of metal and can stretch to a gigantic height of 203 cm (80 inches). It can also plummet to 68 cm (27 inches) at its lowest. Made with sturdy aluminum, it has a strong base that will ensure your device doesn't fall off due to an imbalance.

Also, you can mount a wide array of phones for recording videos or reels on this tripod.
As much as it can stretch, the Pixel tripod is actually easy to store since it requires no assembly.

7. AODELAN Wireless Shooting Grip Tripod

Tripod standSource: AODELAN/Amazon

The AODELAN wireless shooting grip tripod is designed to suit vloggers who are always on the go. It’s lightweight and portable, meaning that you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you may need it. The non-skid pad at the bottom of the tripod will help keep your camera steady while it’s being used.

The tripod also has a detachable remote control so that you can switch between photos and videos without having to touch your camera. The flexible change of direction on this product enables you to capture more shots from different angles, without having to move your camera or tripod every time you want a different shot.

8. PICTRON MT-41 Portable Tripod

Tripod with accessoriesSource: Pictron/Amazon

The PICTRON MT-41 is a versatile tripod stand for all photographers who like to carry around their gear with them. It can be converted from a fixed stand to a full tripod in seconds. The tripod can also be used in both landscape and portrait orientation without any fuss.

It also features a 360° ball head, which allows photographers to set up and adjust the height and angle of their camera quickly and easily. The cold shoe on the microphone allows you to mount a microphone and start recording videos. The ¼ inch screw makes sure you have wide compatibility in terms of the devices that can be used with this tripod.

9. VICSEED 67-inch iPhone Tripod

Tripod standSource: VICSEED/Amazon

VICSEED’s tripod is a great product for people who are on the go and need a sturdy device. It can be retracted down to 45 cm (18 inches) and extended up to 170 cm (67 inches). It is a tripod that is lightweight and portable. 

The light body of the tripod makes it perfect for those who are always on the go. The 1/4 inch screw connection makes it easy to mount any smartphone device on the tripod.

The phone holder of the tripod is made of a soft silicone pad, ensuring the strongest grip so that your phone doesn’t fall off due to imbalance.

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