8 Inspirational Agendas for New Year Resolutions

8 Inspirational Agendas for New Year Resolutions

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Every year thousands of people make plans to fulfill their expectations and positive affirmations in the New Year. To make them happen, maybe you always need to remember them all the time. An expectation without a plan just remains as a thought. Then, you can start with an agenda to keep the plans in your mind and motivate yourself through the year. 

Here you can find 7 agendas to make yourself remember and achieve your goals. 

1. Self Journal

Win the day with every page you turn. 

You can decide for yourself what you want to do with this undated agenda, also, since it's undated you can start anytime you want. Make each day count with daily positive change and success, and overcome all the limitations of the past. You'll be able to plan everything in your life. It includes daily sections for gratitudes to help you feel happier. 

8 Inspirational Agendas for New Year Resolutions
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2. Day Timer Agenda

Schedule your life daily, and don't miss anything. 

What would you do if you had 3 months to achieve your goals? You can start by writing this 3-months agenda. You can bring it anywhere you want, and you don't need a bag, because it has a holder to carry your credit cards, pens, and any other small items. It has a zip shut to keep your items and thoughts safe. Also, the cover of the agenda looks so elegant and professional just like your priorities. 

8 Inspirational Agendas for New Year Resolutions
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3. Full Focus Planner 

This agenda will always motivate you if you have long-term goals and expectations. It includes goal detail pages to keep you hyped for your goals and encourage you to imagine them with all the details.

If you don't like surprises in your life, then you can plan and design each week. While focusing on your daily tasks, you'll stay away from overwhelming thoughts. It's designed by productivity expert Michael Hyatt, and he aims that this planner keeps you on track even in the most boring times. 

8 Inspirational Agendas for New Year Resolutions
Source: Full Focus Planner/Amazon

4. Strong Is The New Sexy Planner

This agenda is for those who decide to be strong this year. Everyone had some difficulties in 2019, and I believe that 2020 will be better than all of the years we've had so far. It's time to feel the power inside of us and say "Strong is the new sexy." This planner will keep you organized for the next 2 years. Every month has an inspirational quote to keep you motivated from the beginning of the month. 

8 Inspirational Agendas for New Year Resolutions
Source: Vanguard Planners/Amazon

5. Time Management Planner

If you don't like to make long-term plans, and you're the person of daily tasks, this time management planner is perfect for you. Write down your duties and keep yourself motivated for daily commitments. It's a perfect planner for those who have a busy business life with full of meetings. Thanks to it, you won't miss any meeting anymore. 

8 Inspirational Agendas for New Year Resolutions
Source: TWONE/Amazon

6. 2020 Planner

Make things happen for real this year. 

Here's a great planner to record your tasks and wishes. You'll enjoy writing by hand with no distractions thanks to its 360° lay-flat. Improved, high-quality paper is designed for superior ink bleed resistance, so relax, your thoughts won't be removed. It also looks elegant and gorgeous with its golden details on the cover. 

8 Inspirational Agendas for New Year Resolutions
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7. Do It All Mom Planner

Staying organized is sometimes so difficult for moms, especially if they're trying to keep everything in mind. There're yearly, monthly, and weekly views in this planner. It includes 300 stickers to mark appointments and tear-off lists for shopping. You'll find inspirational quotes for each week and you'll start the week energetically. 

8 Inspirational Agendas for New Year Resolutions
Source: Orange Circle Studio/Amazon

8. Start Where You Are Agenda

If you start each year with new aspirations and end the year without fulfilling any of them, here's a chance to start wherever you are. We become what we think about, then what about to think positive and make your dreams come true. You'll find fun things in the pages of this agenda to encourage yourself with the good vibes. 

8 Inspirational Agendas for New Year Resolutions
Source: Meera Lee Patel/Amazon

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