8 best backpacks for the back-to-school season

8 best backpacks for the back-to-school season
JanSport and Modoker Backpacks


As much as most kids would say 'no thank you' to school, they love when it comes to buying new supplies at the start of the new year. Every item you buy for the upcoming year holds its own importance that can't be downplayed or compared to anything else. Backpacks are one such thing.

It's impossible to imagine a kid going to school without a backpack. With schools all geared to start, here's a collection of backpacks you can consider to get your kids prepared.

1. LACATTURA Backpack

8 best backpacks for the back-to-school season
Source: Lacattura/Amazon

The LACATTURA Backpack can hold anything and everything you wish, from notebooks and accessories to umbrellas and water bottles. It's a good-looking backpack with a ton of compartments to keep your things organized inside

There are four colors to choose from, but that's not the striking feature to focus on. The LACATTURA Backpack is multi-functional; it can also be used for camping or traveling as much as it can be used as a daily school bag. 

2. JanSport Backpack

8 best backpacks for the back-to-school season
Source: JanSport/Amazon

The JanSport Backpack is the ultimate classic suitable for everyday use. It's super sturdy and functional. The signature front-utility pocket makes organizing all your supplies a breeze! It's made of 100% polyester and is available in 30 different colors. 

The JanSport Backpack is suitable for multiple uses like camping, traveling, or business trips. A lightweight backpack with padded shoulder straps to make sure you don't feel weighed down.

3. Lapsouno Backpack

8 best backpacks for the back-to-school season
Source: Lapsouno/Amazon

If you're scouring the market for a large-sized backpack, the Lapsouno Backpack ought to make the fit. For starters, it's got five compartments to store your things in an organized manner. Additionally, it's water-resistant and suitable for all-season use.

It's large enough to fit a 17.3-inch laptop inside it, but with the really comfortable pair of shoulder straps, you'll never feel the weight like there's too much weight on your shoulders. With all the room in this backpack, you'll never fall short on space.

4. Modoker Backpack

8 best backpacks for the back-to-school season
Source: Modoker/Amazon

If you own a 15.6-inch laptop, the Modoker Backpack is the best one to opt for. It's neither too small nor too large - the perfect size for school kids. Made from durable polyester, this backpack is designed to last. The quick-access pockets allow you to keep essential items at hand that you'd need on the go. 

The padded shoulder straps mean you're in for a comfortable trip to school without having to worry about the weight of the backpack. With its TSA-friendly design and a trolley trap to attach to rolling luggage, this is also an excellent travel backpack!

5. JiaYou Backpack

8 best backpacks for the back-to-school season
Source: JiaYou/Amazon

It's not every day you see a backpack that sports a headphone jack and USB charging port. That's the extra bit that JiaYou offers, along with all the usual features you'd expect in a school backpack.

The JiaYou has plenty of space to hold all your supplies and then more zipper pockets to hold even more. You can easily fit a 16-inch laptop in this bag. There's also an array of color combinations in which this bag is available. It could be nothing short of the perfect fashion statement for school students this fall.

6. High Sierra Loop Backpack

8 best backpacks for the back-to-school season
Source: High Sierra/Amazon

One thing your kid would love about the High Sierra Loop Backpack is its stylish appearance. Plus, with its multi-compartment design, this backpack guarantees comfort, thanks to its padded shoulder straps.

The backpack also has bottom compressions traps for attaching extra gear. There are side compartments as well for holding your water bottles. All in all, this bag makes carrying anything a cinch.

7. Abshoo Backpack

8 best backpacks for the back-to-school season
Source: Asge/Amazon

The Abshoo School Backpack is perfect for carrying your belongings to and from school. It is made of polyester, making it lightweight and water-resistant. The Abshoo School Backpack is a good gift choice for your children's back-to-school needs. It has a stylish appearance that looks cool and modern. The backpack's high-quality fabric makes it durable and comfortable to use.

8. Asge Backpack

8 best backpacks for the back-to-school season
Source: Asge/Amazon

Asge has an ergonomic design and is built to last for a long time. It also has ample room in compartments to store your belongings and can also be used for traveling. The backpack is made from a water-repellent fabric that ensures that the belongings inside are safe from rain or spills. 

The Asge backpack is a comfortable and affordable backpack that has padded sleeves. They are a great way to protect your laptop from bumps and scratches. It is available in grey, blue, and green. 

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