7 Ways To Protect Yourself Using Your Smartphone

7 Ways To Protect Yourself Using Your Smartphone

Here are 7 ways to protect yourself using your smartphone. Phones are much more than devices used to make calls these days. They are tools that can assist us in many different situations. These are many different and innovative apps, attachments and ideas that make your smartphone very, very versatile. We use phones to make calls, to message, to order food, to navigate, to play games, watch videos, order food, take photographs and much more. The things that your phone is capable of are forever expanding. You will be surprised at some the innovative ways that you can use your smartphone to protect yourself.


Ways To Protect Yourself Using Your Smartphone

Concealed Stun Gun iphone Case

iphone stun gun

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This is a multi function iphone case that is designed to protect you, protect your phone and charge your phone on the go. The built in stun gun is one of the highest powered stun guns available on the market. It is easy to use even for a novice and is a worthy investment that could one day save your life. This is a handy gadget because it is not always possible to access a weapon that is buried somewhere in your handbag or hidden on your person. If you are ssomeone who carries your smartphone in your hand you can easily use this stun gun whenever it is needed.


Ways To Protect Yourself Using Your Smartphone

Portable Charger With Dual Flashlights

Ways To Protect Yourself Using Your Smartphone

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Most popular smartphones have a built in flashlight function. This can be useful because you are always safer when you can see where you are going. The dual flashlight phone case can provide you with two different lighting options. Lights built into the case are brighter than your phones flashlight. A portable charger is also something that can help keep you safe. Keeping your phone charged means that you can call emergency services at any time. If you are someone who enjoys camping or someone who travels a lot a portable charger is very important.


Ways To Protect Yourself Using Your Smartphone

Tactical Survival iphone Case

tactical iphone case

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Keep yourself safe in the great outdoor with the Olixar X-Ranger survival iphone case. It provides durable protection for your phone as well as useful multi tool. The multi tool provides lots of different functions that will help you in many day to day situations. It can be used as a self defence weapon as there is a knife, a saw and other sharp tool included.


Ways To Protect Yourself Using Your Smartphone

Built In Pepper Spray Phone Case

pepper spray iphone case

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If you are someone who has your phone with you at all times you can also have pepper spray with you at all times. This is because the Sabre Red SmartGuard iphone case has a built in space for pepper spray. Refills are available.


Ways To Protect Yourself Using Your Smartphone

Watch Over Me Security App

watch over me security app

image source                            Available at watchovermeapp

This is a free app that is designed to keep you safe no matter what you are doing. Anytime you don't feel safe or are a little concerned you tell the app to watch over you and it will track your location. Once you feel you are safe again you let the app know that you are safe. You can tell the app how long to watch over you for and if you have not marked yourself as safe before the preset time the app will send an alert to your loved ones and inform them of your location.


Ways To Protect Yourself Using Your Smartphone

Companion Personal Security App

tracking app

image source                            Available at companionapp

The companion app is great because it features built in sensors. It detects sudden changes in movement. For example if you suddenly start running it will ask you to confirm that you are ok. If you do not respond within a set amount of time the app notifies a pre-set loved one who can then either contact you or call the police. You can use the app to let loved ones know when you have arrived safely at your destination.


Ways To Protect Yourself Using Your Smartphone

Noonlight Safety Smart App


image source noonlight                            Available at noonlight

Noonlight is an amazing app that has the potential to save your life. You can sync the app to a multitude of smart devices and trigger an alarm from anywhere. Even when you are unable to reach your phone you can still trigger an alert. Noonlight is compatible with your smartwatch, Alexa, Google Home and much more.

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