7 Products to Bake the Tastiest Cupcake

7 Products to Bake the Tastiest Cupcake

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We're so lucky this month, all the dessert days-Brownie Day, Pastry Day, etc.-  are in December but of course, it's not enough. We have one more sweet day here: National Cupcake Day! 

If you can't count the calories you gain, forget them just for this month and count the ingredients instead. Just treat yourself with something sweet, moist and rich. You'll feel like in heaven with just one bite. 

Although making cupcakes is easier than other desserts, it still requires effort, and there's still something that can go wrong. Yeah, your creativity and baking skills are essentials but you also need the right tools to make your own cupcake. In this list, you can find the tools to bake the tastiest and moistest cupcake. 

1. Cupcake and Muffin Pan

Do you want to make perfectly-sized cupcakes like a professional baker? Then, it's time to get a nonstick cupcake pan. 

No one wants to eat a half cupcake because the other part of the cupcake stuck in the bakeware. You can get perfect results like professional bakers with this pan's durability and high-performance capacity. It allows you to easily release your baked cupcakes from the pan. You'll be amazed when you see the results. 

7 Products to Bake the Tastiest Cupcake
Source: USA Pan/Amazon

 2. Kitchen Timer

Of course, you wouldn't want to overcook your muffins and see them all burnt. You know making cupcake is kinda difficult because they are baked so quickly, so it's good to have a timer in the kitchen. The alarm is loud and easy to hear from another room, so your cupcakes will never be burnt again. 

7 Products to Bake the Tastiest Cupcake
Source: Etekcity/Amazon

3. Whisk

Don't over-mix and don't under-mix! 

If you want to make sure you're stirring the ingredients until they're well-stirred, do it with your hands. Instead of using mixers, it's better to use a whisk to stir the ingredients of the cupcake, because you can understand the texture easily. Thanks to its non-slip handles, you'll have no sweaty and wet hands anymore. It's designed for your comfort. 

7 Products to Bake the Tastiest Cupcake
Source: OXO/Amazon

4. Cream Dispenser

To decorate your sweet artwork, you need some cream. If you like to have fun and make creations in the kitchen, try this dispenser and make your very own personal decorations on your cupcake. You might not armed with decoration skills but with just an inexpensive gadget, you can make many decorative icings as a cupcake expert. 

7 Products to Bake the Tastiest Cupcake
Source: EurKitchen/Amazon

5. Silicone Baking Mat

Don't waste your time with cooking sprays, and oil anymore. Just put cupcakes on this silicone baking mat, and don't think of the rest. If you use parchment paper, you can forget this traditional way of baking now. The silicone mats offer a wonderful alternative to bake cupcakes or any other dessert. It can be used over and over again. 

7 Products to Bake the Tastiest Cupcake
Source: AmazonBasics/Amazon

6. Silicone Liners

If your cupcakes are always sticking to the sides of the wrapper, that means you need better ones. If your liners feel cheap, probably you should get high-quality liners. These silicone liners can be used again and again. Also, they work with any baking pan. 

7 Products to Bake the Tastiest Cupcake
Source: AmazonBasics/Amazon

7. Cupcake Corer

Fill your cupcake with some surprises. You can fill the center of your cupcake with strawberry jam, chocolate, or marshmallow. Just press the corer into the cupcake, and push the top of it. Surprise your guests with a simple look but a fully-filled cupcake. 

7 Products to Bake the Tastiest Cupcake
Source: Norpro/Amazon



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