7 Chess Sets With Shiny Troops You Would Love To Command

7 Chess Sets With Shiny Troops You Would Love To Command

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When it comes to board games, it’s almost impossible to look out for a list of options without chess on it. The strategy board game has been around for centuries, and although it's still now well known how it originated, the game’s inception has little to do with the thrill and excitement it provides. We’ve already seen the standard chessboard with its pieces, but what if we told you there are unique chess sets that’ll further add to the element of the game. 

There are a bunch of cool chess sets to choose from; most of them are infused with movies and history from pop culture. If you’re constantly brooding over strategies on how to beat your enemy on that checkered board, you definitely have to take a look at these chess sets.

1. Gladiator Chess Set

Chess board with piecesSource: CHH/Amazon

Although the Roman Empire collapsed centuries ago, it still fascinates the world culture. Romans have attained undying fame as one of the mightiest warrior tribes in history, and CHH pays a befitting tribute to their magnificence in this chess set.

The game is all about strategy, trickery, and warfare, and the Gladiator look of these pieces is a fantastic amalgamation of history infused with this age-old game.

What perhaps magnifies the beauty of this chess set is that it's suspended on a colosseum made of glass. The bronze and silver chess pieces make sure you experience the premium feel you're looking for.

2. Egyptian Chess Set

Chess setSource: CHH/Amazon

After the Romans come the Egyptians, who have an equally rich cultural heritage to brag about. When we speak about them, it's kind of mandatory to keep ancient hieroglyphs in the equation.

This Egyptian chess set has a fancy chessboard that sports hieroglyphs; the edges of the chessboard feature Greek sphinxes, another symbolic representation of the nation's prominent and popular past.

The chess pieces are made of polystone and colored in gold and silver, in contrast to the traditional black and white warriors that we usually see lined up on the checkered board. Overall, the deluxe impression of the chess set will surely turn the excitement up by a notch.

3. Dragon Chess Set

Chess set with dragon chess piecesSource: CHH/Amazon

Dragons may not be real, but these themed chess pieces will give you the closest impression of being so. Just when you thought CHH couldn't be more creative, this deluxe board seems to be removing the headache of choosing the perfect chessboard for yourself.

With those skeleton replicas fixed on the base below the glass chessboard, CHH further infuses the wildness of the dragons on the board. 

The dragon warriors are made of pewter, and the base features resin. If you're thinking about getting your friend a gift, there are hardly a few unique chess sets that can match the appeal of this board.

4. American Independence War Chess Set

Chess set with human figuresSource: HPL/Amazon

If you love reading about the history of the United States and how it emerged as a nation, you’re bound to love this one. The American Independence War Chess Set fuses the chessmen into the British and American armies, taking you back to the 1700s. 

The chessboard is made of cherry and burl wood color with a glossy finish. 32 chessmen are made of solid resin with a fully felted bottom, and come in a nicely packaged foam box.

5. Greek Gods Chess Set

Chess set with pieces resembling Greek GodsSource: HPL/Amazon

The celestial beings of Greek mythology are worldwide popular and immortalized through mostly movies and different forms of art. HPL has successfully infused these lords within the classic strategy game. 

The chess pieces are hand-painted and made of plastic, and the characters are as follows; Zeus as the King, Hera as the Queen, Ares as the Bishop, Saggitarius as the Knight, Hermes as the Pawn, and the Pantheon as the Rook.

So, the next time you decide to have a battle on the ground, these Greek celestials will be at your command ready to do your bidding and win the war for you.

6. Medieval Crusaders Chess Sets

Chess set with pieces resembling warriorsSource: HPL/Amazon

The medieval Crusades are well-known to any religious person. If you've read about it or harbored an interest in its history, this Crusader chess set will surely impress you.

The chessmen come in a decorative foam box and the resin-made chess board has silver replicas of weapons embedded on each of its four sides. The chessmen are hand-painted, sporting red and white dresses sporting the trademark Crusaders' cross.

The artistic design of the chessboard and the pieces makes it one of the most unique chess sets and an ideal gift choice for festive or birthday occasions.

7. Harry Potter Wizard's Chess Set

Chess set with piecesSource: The Noble Collection/Amazon

If you've watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for about the hundredth time, you'll vividly remember Ronaldo Weasly being good at the famous wizard's chess wherein chess pieces actually kill each other with weapons. 

While the magic cannot be recreated, the exquisite design of the chessmen bears a striking resemblance to those that were used in the film. If you are a loyal Potterhead, this is one of the cool chess sets that ought to be in your collection.

The Harry Potter saga is a cult for kids and teenagers around the whole world. So, if you're looking for a cool birthday or Christmas gift for your loved ones, here's the perfect deal to make them happy!

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