7 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets To Enjoy Sound Like Never Before

7 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets To Enjoy Sound Like Never Before

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Playing games with a wireless gaming headset is now possible thanks to new technologies. Wireless headsets allow gamers to enjoy their games without any distractions involving tangled cords and knots. Also, they're easier to carry around than their wired counterparts. 

Wireless gaming headsets are a godsend for those who love having long gaming sessions but find it an uphill task to sit still at one place. If you want to be moving around, do some stretching, yet have your eyes on the game, that's only possible with wireless headsets. That being said, let's take a look at some of the best wireless gaming headsets available in the market. 

1. Razer BlackSharp V2 Pro

Black gaming headset
Source: Razer/Amazon

If you want to enjoy the best audio gaming experience through a wireless headset, make sure you're using the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro. You won't be disappointed for sure. To begin with, it provides a wired connection, but the lossless audio coupled with low latency means you don't need to consider that option.

The air cushions are fluffy and soft so you can have them on for hours without worrying about any pains to your ear during long gaming sessions. The mic of this headset is detachable and also provides voice isolation. The BlackShark V2 Pro has a battery life of 24 hours.

2. NUBWO G06 Wireless Gaming Headset

Black gaming headset
Source: NUBWO/Amazon

If you're playing PS4 or PS5 games, the NUBWO G06 wireless gaming headset will impress you to the core. It provides a stereo sound experience, thanks to the 50 mm driver and 2 chamber drivers.

The Bluetooth connectivity of this wireless gaming headset provides low latency. You can switch on to the Bluetooth mode by quickly clicking the power button 3 times. The NUBWO headset can run for 47 hours on one full charge that requires only 4 hours. Quite handsome returns, isn't it?

3. Corsair Void RGB Wireless Headset

Black wireless gaming headset
Source: Corsair/Amazon

The Corsair Void gaming headset has a rugged look; the quadrilateral earmuffs don't do much to make this headset look desirable, but it delivers the fantastic audio performance it is meant to. You can also connect it to your PC or PS5 apart from PS4.

The standout feature of this headset is the 7.1 surround sound, albeit it doesn't work if you're gaming on Apple devices. The microphone is sharp enough to pick up the slightest of sounds you make while gaming, which ensures crystal-clear communication.

Talking about the earmuffs, they're made of breathable microfiber mesh and plush memory foam, so you can game on for hours without any pains.

4. Logitech G Pro X Wireless Headset

Black wireless gaming headset with microphone
Source: Logitech/Amazon

The Logitech G Pro offers wired connectivity also, but that means you'd need to give up on your freedom and put up with wired clutter while playing. While that still remains a choice, what will impress you further is the solid build quality of the headset. It is built with quality materials that also play a major role in providing peerless communication.

In one full charge, the Logitech G Pro offers 20 hours of gameplay. The advance 50 mm drivers deliver flawless sound; you can easily hear the footsteps of your enemies and other environmental sounds without having to strain your ears with this headset.

5. BINNUNE Wireless Gaming Headset

Black gaming headset with connector
Source: BINNUNE/Amazon

Scouring for an affordable option? The BINNUNE Wireless Gaming Headset is a steal given the quality it offers at an awfully affordable price. Equipped with the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can also enjoy ultra-low latency with this device.

If not Bluetooth, you can connect the wireless dongle and stream the sound on this headset; a pretty simple way to get started with no pairing hassle. The microphone does a reasonably good job reducing the surrounding sound to provide clear audio to your teammates while communication.

6. HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

Black gaming headset
Source: HyperX/Amazon

If you're looking out for a lightweight wireless gaming headset albeit one that doesn't compromise with quality, the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core won't disappoint you. The best thing about this headset is its super comfortable design. The closed-cup earmuffs block distractions while the 40 mm drivers do well to keep you immersed in the game.

This over-ear headset has steel sliders that allow you to adjust the size according to that of your head, all the more ensuring comfort. It provides 7.1 surround sound audio quality to take the gaming experience up by a notch.

7. EasySMX Wireless Gaming Headset

Black gaming headset with connector
Source: EasySMX/Amazon

This wireless headset is an absolute steal for under hundred bucks, thanks to the oodles of features it supports. To begin with, the EasySMX headset provides enchanting audio quality with 7.1 panoramic Hi-Fi level stereo and deep bass. Also, it supports two modes - music mode and game mode.

The noise-canceling microphone attached to the headset successfully reduces surrounding noise without much hassle to increase the in-game experience. The metal sliding arms make sure you can wear this headset comfortably, while the soft sponge earplugs ensure you can use it for longer gaming sessions.

With a 90mAh battery, the EasySMX headset runs for more than 16 hours in one full charge.

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