7 best soundbars under $200

7 best soundbars under $200

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A soundbar is a device that you can mount on your TV to enhance the sound quality. It produces a surround-sound effect without the need for speakers or wires. Soundbars are becoming increasingly popular because they are an affordable option for those who don't want to invest in a whole surround-sound system.

There are many different soundbars on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Some offer better quality than others and some have more features. This article will give you a list of the 8 best budget soundbars under $200 so you can buy one that best suits your needs and budget.

1. VIZIO 2.0 Home Theater Soundbar

Black soundbarSource: Vizio/Amazon

The VIZIO 2.0 Home Theater Soundbar is a perfect answer for movies, TV shows, and music. It has a sleek design that fits in any room and delivers rich and clear sound. Barring its have great sound quality, the soundbar also offers easy Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

Unlike other soundbars, the VIZIO 2.0 Home Theater Sound Bar is designed to fit into any room setting without being too big or too small - no matter where you put it, you will get powerful sound in every direction!

2. TCL Dolby Audio Soundbar

SoundbarSource: TCL/Amazon

The TCL Dolby Audio Soundbar is a truly immersive audio system that delivers crystal clear sound with deep bass. The Dolby Digital maximizes sound clarity and accentuates the quality of your viewing experience.

You can stream music wirelessly from your devices and enjoy high-quality audio without having to connect it to an external amplifier or home theater system. That being said, the TCL soundbar does offer HDMI, optical, and USB connectivity for external devices, so you do have multiple ways to connect if either one of them doesn't work.

In short, the TCL Dolby Audio SoundBar can replace your home theater system and its price makes it an easy upgrade for any TV in your living room.

3. DESOBRY Soundbar

Black soundbarSource: DESOBRY/Amazon

DESOBRY Soundbar is the lightest and most compact soundbar you can get. It has a built-in DSP system guaranteeing a more stable and accurate sound output. It is also Bluetooth 5.0-enabled, so you can enjoy wireless music streaming without sacrificing any audio quality whatsoever.

DESOBRY Soundbar is a high-resolution soundbar designed for home entertainment. It was engineered to provide an immersive experience for movies, TV, music, and gaming. It features six connection methods to deliver true surround sound without any extra cables or boxes.

4. Majority Bowfell Small Soundbar

Soundbar with remoteSource: Bowfell/Amazon

The Bowfell Small Soundbar is a versatile audio accessory that can be used with your TV, phone, and PC. It has lots of connectivity options for a wide range of devices and a compact design that is perfect for smaller spaces. The built-in subwoofer provides additional bass to deliver a cinematic sound experience to the viewers.

The Majority Bowfell Small Soundbar is a sleek device that’s also portable. It was created with three modes – Movies, Music, and Dialogue; you can switch between them as and when you need. 

5. PHEANOO Soundbar

Soundar with subwooferSource: PHEANOO/Amazon

Sleek, compact, and easy to set up, the PHEANOO Soundbar is an ideal device for anyone who wants better dialogue clarity and a more immersive soundscape. The soundbar offers clear and precise dialogues with its dedicated subwoofer.

Additionally, it is compatible with the Roku TV so that you can stream movies or your favorite TV shows effortlessly. The PHEANOO Soundbar is both stylish and compact, making it the perfect partner for your modern living room.

6. Wohome Soundbar

Black soundbar with remoteSource: Wohome/Amazon

The Wohome soundbar is a smart soundbar that can be controlled via Bluetooth. It is designed to match the needs of people with fashion sense. It has an ultra-slim body which helps it to fit anywhere in your home. The soundbar has a classic and fashionable design which helps it to look elegant even if it is put in an office or conference room setting.

The crystal clear and deep bass of the Wohome soundbar make for an immersive experience, and its 3D Surround sound and DSP technology create a more realistic surround experience than most other soundbars on the market.

7. RIOWOIS Soundbar

Soundbar with subwoofer and remoteSource: RIOWOIS/Amazon

The RIOWOIS soundbar is a high-performance soundbar that is designed to deliver deep and rich bass. It has three modes that can be controlled through the remote: movie mode, music mode, and news mode. It creates an amazing immersive 3D sound that will immerse you in your favorite movies, shows, and games, no matter where you're sitting or standing!

If you love great-sounding music, movies, or video games but don't have the space for a full home theater system, the RIOWOIS soundbar is perfect for you. Whether it's in your bedroom, living room, laundry room - this soundbar will be able to meet all of your needs.

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