7 best combination locks under $100 to safeguard your home

7 best combination locks under $100 to safeguard your home

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A combination lock is a type of mechanical lock that requires the user to enter a secret "combination" or code consisting of some number of digits from 0 to 9. Such locks are often used on locker doors and other security devices, though they are also used in other contexts such as luggage locks, cash boxes, and vending machines.

A combination lock is a lock that requires a sequence of numbers to be entered in order to open it. One of the best benefits of using these locks is you needn't stress about handling keys when going out. Here are some of the locks that'll allow you to be stress-free about fumbling keys.

1. IULOCK Combination Door Lock

Black combination lockSource: IULOCK/Amazon

The IULOCK has a matte black finish, giving it a look that belies its price. You can program up to 50 user access codes for your friends and family and one master code for yourself. The code length can vary between 4 to 15 digits.

The IULOCK is quite a durable product and a preferable one for commercial applications. It's ideal for a garage, front doors, backdoors, bedrooms, etc.

It's a cakewalk to install this keyless door lock. Also, the auto-lock functionality ensures you don't forget to lock the door manually.

2. HuTools Combination Lock

Silver lockSource: HuTools/Amazon

If you aren't a fan of handling a bunch of keys every time while going out, the HuTools combination lock is here to save you all the trouble. This battery-powered keypad lock allows you to assign 20 passcodes, meaning your family and friends can easily get access to your apartment when you're not around.

If you often forget to lock the door, better use the auto-lock functionality to alleviate that stress. The battery of the lock lasts up to a year; the lock comes with a low battery indicator to let you know when a change of batteries is required.

3. Signstek Keypad and Combination Lock

Silver combination lockSource: Signstek/Amazon

The Signstek keypad door lock is a great option to consider if you're contemplating safeguarding your valuables. For starters, it's only password-accessible and unbreakable enough to provide iron-clad security to your assets.

You can create six user codes and one master code with the Signstek keypad door lock. Again, there's the auto-locking function to ensure you don't have a stressful outing trying to recall whether you did lock the door properly.

4. Kwikset Combination Lock

Silver door lockSource: Kwikset/Amazon

The Kwikset combination lock is a good option to look at if you're looking for a reliable lock under fifty bucks. It's easy to install and also notifies the users when the battery goes low.

You can customize 6 codes and also avail the temporary codes that can be used only once - perfect for one-time visitors and service personnel. There's also an alarm that will buzz when you enter five wrong entries; notifying you about a potential security threat.

5. JOUNJIP Mechanical Combination Lock

Combination lockSource: JOUNJIP/Amazon

If you're looking for a lock that doesn't run on batteries, the Jounjip lock easily fits that bill. Made of wrought iron, this mechanical operation lock is very easy to install. Users can set two different passcodes for each primary and secondary keypad. Also, the new QuickCode design enables you to change codes easily as and when necessary.

6. Master Lock

Silver lockSource: Master Lock/Amazon

Master Lock's push-button lock has a trendy and impressive design. If you're out for a stylish lock at a frugal price, this is the lock to go for. It fits most of the ball biscuit and tulip door knob styles. Users can set their alphanumeric codes; the push button lock is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

7. SCHLAGE Combination Lock

Combination lockSource: SCHLAGE/Amazon

The Schlage SC9490-PST Combination Lock is a perfect example of its commitment to quality and innovation. This lock does not require keys and can auto-lock after 5 seconds for added security. It also has an illuminated keypad so you can see it at night.

The SCHLAGE Combination Lock has a 6 digit programming code that allows users to add or delete codes easily. This feature is useful for people who have multiple locks or need more than 10 codes.

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