7 awesome party Bluetooth speakers under $100

7 awesome party Bluetooth speakers under $100

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The best thing about a party Bluetooth speaker is that it is wireless and can be controlled from anywhere in the room. This means you don't have to worry about cables getting tangled or tripping over them.

It also has a long battery life and can play music for hours without needing to be plugged in. This is perfect if you want to bring your speaker on a camping trip or are going on vacation and don't want the hassle of carrying heavy equipment around with you all day.

That being said, let's take a peek at some of the top party Bluetooth speakers you can consider buying at affordable rates. 

1. Brookstone Party Speaker

Party speaker
Source: Brookstone/Amazon

The Brookstone party speaker is a portable and high-quality speaker with a built-in mic for karaoke. It is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices and has three selectable color-changing modes, so it can match any style of decor or mood.

The speaker has a Qi Charging Pad & Holder so you can charge your phone while listening to music. The Brookstone party speaker is an excellent gift for people who love to sing or just want to enjoy their favorite tunes on the go. It also has 3 selectable color-changing modes. 

2. The Fiodio IPX6 Portable Speaker

Party speaker
Source: Fiodio/Amazon

The Fiodio IPX6 is a portable speaker that provides 360° sound in every direction. This means that you can enjoy the immersive partying experience with your friends and family no matter where you are.

The speakers also have RGB lighting effects to make the party even more special. They come with a built-in mic for calls and are waterproof so you can use them outdoors without worrying about water damage. This is one of the best speakers on the market because it provides a great sound experience no matter where you are.

3. Supniu Speakers

Party speaker
Source: Supniu/Amazon

The Supniu speakers are great for parties and gatherings. They have a cool flashing light show that will keep the party going all night. The four speakers in this set provide a rich bass sound, which is perfect for any event with big crowds of people.

The 8000mAh battery ensures that these speakers can play music all day long without needing to be charged up again in around 4 hours. This set of speakers can also be used as a karaoke machine and create an enjoyable, musical ambiance. 

4. Bazooka G2 Party Speakers

Party speaker
Source: Bazooka/Amazon

The Bazooka G2 Party Speaker is a powerful marine-grade speaker that can be used for any outdoor or indoor event. The speaker is powered by a 450-Watt, Class-D amplifier and it has an LED illumination system that can flash different colors.

The Bazooka G2 Party Speaker is a revolutionary speaker which can be customized to suit your needs. It has a remote control that can change the sound and volume settings, and it also features 360-degree sound.

5. Bugani Outdoor Speaker

Bugani speaker
Source: Bugani/Amazon

If you're looking for a robust speaker at an affordable price without compromising on sound quality, the Bugani outdoor speaker will be your best bet. The sound quality, in particular, is surprisingly good given that the speaker offers only 50W of power. What's more, these speakers can also be used as a karaoke system. 

With a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Bugani outdoor speaker is PX5 water-resistant, so if you're partying around a swimming pool, you can use it without any worries. 

6. DUOTEN IPX7 Waterproof Speaker

Black party speaker
Source: Duoten/Amazon

DUOTEN Speaker is an all-in-one speaker that can be used to play music, answer phone calls, and make video calls. It is the perfect speaker to take with you on your adventures. It is IPX7 waterproof, so you can take it to the beach or swimming pool without worrying about water damage.

It also has advanced stereo technology and a Bluetooth connectivity range of 66ft(20 m) so you can listen to your favorite tunes from anywhere in the house. The 360° hi-fi sound and 3D deep bass make it perfect for parties or just listening to your favorite music in peace.

7. Margaritaville Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth party speaker
Source: Margaritaville/Amazon

The Margaritaville Bluetooth speaker is perfect for an outdoor enthusiast who wants to take their music with them. The speaker offers 22 hours of playtime and is portable, so you can take it to the beach, on a boat, or to a hammock in your backyard.

The Margaritaville Bluetooth speaker is also power-ready so you can charge it with a USB cord or solar panel. With its tiki torches and clear sound quality, this speaker is ideal for any get-together with friends or family.

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