6 Natural Ways To Deter Wasps

6 Natural Ways To Deter Wasps

Wasps can be one of the biggest pains for a homeowner or garden grower. They sting you and can sting multiple times, unlike the traditional bee. If you are allergic to wasps your house or yard isn’t just dangerous, it’s completely unsafe. Here are some of the best ways to deter wasps6 Natural Ways To Deter Wasps from living at your home.

1. Soap Sprays

Sprays made from detergent6 Natural Ways To Deter Wasps and soap6 Natural Ways To Deter Wasps are one of the first lines of defense for your home. Using a garden house, spray the solution at the wasp nests. Its best to make sure that you stand a good distance away so that you do not get stung when the wasps come out.

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2. Check Substances Around Your House/Garden

There are some common household substances that you may have in your home or garden that will attract wasps. Pet food left outside can be an attractant but meat and other food will also attract them. Some sweet-smelling chemicals will also attract them. Avoid the substances to avoid attracting wasps in the first place. If you find yourself with a wasp problem remove these things from the area and they will go elsewhere to find food.

3. Wasp Deterrent Plants

There are a variety of plants that are known to deter wasps. These plants work in different ways and to varying degrees. The most common wasp deterrant plants include: citronella6 Natural Ways To Deter Wasps, eucalyptus6 Natural Ways To Deter Wasps, mint6 Natural Ways To Deter Wasps, and wormwood6 Natural Ways To Deter Wasps. Grow them in several spots in your garden to boost their effectiveness.

6 Natural Ways To Deter Wasps

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4. Fake Nests

Much like dogs and other animals wasps have been found to be extremely guarding of their territory. If you put up a fake nest or two wasps will be turned away from the area. The wasps will believe there is already a colony present despite the fact there are no other wasps.

5. Block Off Nests

Some wasps build nests underground especially sand wasps. When wasps build their nests underground you can simply block off the entrances to their nests. You must block all of them completely or the wasps will come back.

6. Wasp Traps
When all else fails you can implement wasp traps. These traps are intended to thin out a population to the point it can no longer survive. The only problem with traps is that they will attract wasps to the trap so make sure to place them well away from your home.

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