6 Gadgets For iPhone Addicts

6 Gadgets For iPhone Addicts

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We all have at least one friend or relative who is totally addicted to their iPhone; in my family, I am that person. These days smartphones can do nearly anything! So useful to be able to use one little device for so many things. You can catch up on extra work when you're away from the computer, keep in touch with everyone and amuse yourself when waiting for a taxi! As smartphones have gained popularity more and more smartphone gadgets have become available. This has increased the number of things you can do with your smartphone and made it even more convenient. 

1. Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner - Buy Now6 Gadgets For iPhone Addicts

Source: Lomography/Amazon

Scan and share your negatives with the Lomography Smartphone Film Photo Scanner instantly! It works with any smartphone. 

2. Smartphone Charging Wallet for iPhones and Android Phones - Buy No6 Gadgets For iPhone Addicts

Source: Might Purse/Amazon

The mighty purse... A bag that charges your phone. It features a hidden high capacity rechargeable battery that holds enough power to charge your phone almost twice over!

3. 32 GB Class 10 Wi-Fi SDHC Card - Buy Now6 Gadgets For iPhone AddictsSource: Eye-Fi/Amazon

A wireless memory card that will send your photographs to your laptop, smartphone, or iPad within seconds! No more annoying cables!

4. Wireless Gamepad Controller for iOS iPhone & Android - Buy Now6 Gadgets For iPhone Addicts

Source: Hawksbill/Amazon

Compatible with over 1000 games, this controller has L3 R3 functionality. It charges in 30 minutes to an hour just to give you a non-stop 8-hour gaming experience. Simply connect with your Bluetooth, and you're all set. 

5. Lens Band - Buy Now6 Gadgets For iPhone AddictsSource: Easy Macro/Amazon

This lens band fits on any smartphone so you can take awesome close up photos! But keep in mind that it's not a zoom lens; it only provides 4x magnification when it's one inch away from the subject. 

6. 2 Pack Charging Bracelets - Buy Now6 Gadgets For iPhone AddictsSource: Auzev/Amazon

Here is an easy way to make sure you always have a charger handy; just wear it! 

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