5 Great Ways To Repel Mosquitoes

5 Great Ways To Repel Mosquitoes

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Are you sick of having to use expensive spray and lotions to get rid of Mosquitoes? Many insect repellants smell terrible and can not be used by people with sensitive skin. Traditional mosquito coils that can be burnt also pollute your air with a smoky odour. Here are 5 great ways to repel Mosquitoes that won't make you want to leave with them.

1. Simple Homemade Mosquito Trap^This homemade mosquito trap is easy to put together and it works really well. All you need to create one of this is a used soft drink bottle, brown sugar, yeast, water and scissors. ^ Here are the instructions.^ This works because the solution is able to slowly produce carbon dioxide.  This entices the mosquitoes into the bottle where they become trapped.

2. Citronella Candles 81P3WYGomtLol^ Citronella candles repel mosquitoes and they are very simple to use. Just light them the same way you light a normal candle. They come in all shapes and sizes > Search for Citronella Candles

3. Homemade Essential Oil Bug Sprayessential oilmIf you prefer to use a spray you can create your own spray using  essential oil.  There are some great recipes at wellnessmama.com

4. Homemade Herb Bug Spray Dried lavender smells much better than some of the bug sprays that are available. With > this great recipe you can create a spray that will keep the mosquitoes away and smell great. If you don't like lavender there are a variety of other herbs that will work just as well.

5. Natural RepellentsThere are lots of natural ways to repel Mosquitoes. A great idea if you want to avoid harsh chemicals. Some of these are quite surprising.  If you have a large mosquito problem you might want to invest in a fruit tree. This will attract fruit bats. One single bat can eat hundreds of mosquitoes every night. Planting basil, marigolds or rosemary will also help keep mosquitoes away. For more natural mosquito repellent ideas go to accidentallygreen.com.

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