5 Genius Eyeliner Tricks

Here are 5 Genius Eyeliner Tricks that will help you to apply your eyeliner fast and perfect.

1. Use a pencil liner as a guide for your liquid liner. 

It can be difficult to get liquid liner on evenly, especially if you do not use it a lot. If you use a pencil liner to line your eyes first you can trace the line with liquid liner.  eyeliner-1

2. Line brows with white for an instant lift. 

If you line below and above your eyebrows with white eyeliner this will highlight your brow bones creating an instant lift.  eyeliner-4


3. Dot first for a straighter line. 

If you have trouble holding your hand steady when trying to draw the line this works really well. Simply draw dots first and then connect them. eyeliner-5 


4. Use skin colored liner to fix errors. 

A skin colored liner is a great way to disguise any small mistakes.  eyeliner-de

5. The hashtag smudge. 

Draw a hashtag on the outer corner of your lid and smudge inwards for an easy smoky effect. 5 Genius Eyeliner Tricks


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