5 Gadgets To Pull Off A Hilarious Prank

5 Gadgets To Pull Off A Hilarious Prank
Best prank toys for Thanksgiving

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Playing pranks on your friends will never go out of fashion. For one, it gives you a different adrenaline rush while scaring the living daylights out of your friends. Secondly, it creates beautiful memories that might give you a hearty laugh when you remember them down the years. There are literally thousands of prank toys to help you create these fun memories.

We’ve picked up a handful of shock prank toys to create the shenanigans you’re looking for. These gadgets are enough to defame your best pals in the circle. If they stop talking to you in the aftermath of your silly joke, don’t hold us responsible for suggesting these antics!

1. Potato Chip SnakeFour potato chip snake boxesSource: Toyvian/Amazon

A prank isn’t a prank unless you give someone the heebie-jeebies after you execute it. The Potato Chip Snake will give your friends precisely that when you use it. 

The Potato Chip Snake has a chips jar with a fake snake inside it. To begin with, you need to put one end of the snake inside the jar and then compress the other end with force to close the jar with the lid. When someone opens the lid, they’re in for a scary surprise!

To take it up a notch, try doing this prank while you and your friends are cozied up inside a blanket munching popcorn over a horror movie. Replace the popcorn with this Potato Chip Snake jar and enjoy the horror unfold!

A serious warning: Please make sure you don’t use this prank on children or people who are at high risk or have hypertension. 

2. Disappearing Ink

Ink bottleSource: Rhode Island Novelty

Now, this isn’t as surprising as the last one, but the Disappearing Ink will surely leave the victim horrified to the core. And, that depends on the object on which you use these prank toys. 

However, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the ink after using it. That’s because it vanishes into nothingness all by itself! Feel like you’re at Hogwarts already, aren’t you? Also, make sure you don’t use this prank on toddlers.

You can buy two dozens of these Disappearing Ink bottles for a cheap price; each bottle contains 1 oz of ink. Spray it all over on a new sofa or your chum’s favorite t-shirt - you’re well on course to inviting the wrath of your loved ones! 

3. Fake Car Scratch

Four car scratch stickersSource: MOTZU/Amazon

Has your best friend just scolded you for slamming the car door shut hard? How about giving him a funny scare by playing a car prank? All you need are these cool Fake Car Scratch for revenge!

First and foremost, clean the car surface with a towel. Then, peel off the back cover and paste the sticky part on the surface carefully. You need to scrape the decal several times to make sure it is glued strongly to the surface. Once that is done, peel off the front cover and you’ll just admire how realistic the stickers look.

The Fake Car Scratch bundle has four stickers. And, not just cars, but you can use it on a helmet or a motorcycle to play a prank on your friends. 

4. Electric Shock Chewing Gum

Chewing gum boxSource: GUDVES/Amazon

When you use eatables as a prank toy, there are few who’ll suspect your mischievous intentions. This Electric Shock Chewing Gum will help you conceal your ulterior motives and have a hearty laugh when your pal gets an unexpected shock. 

The toy looks like a pack of real chewing gum so it can hoodwink people easily. Just offer a chewing gum casually to your friend; the moment he tries to pull it, he’ll be surprised and shocked! There are three pieces of gum. 

Prank toys often have restrictions regarding the people you are using them on. Make sure you don’t use this Electric Shock Chewing Gum on children below fourteen years of age. 

5. Spider Scare Box

Spider perched on a wooden boxSource: FunFamz/Amazon


Spiders have been hailed as scary creatures since times immemorial. For one, they have a rather weird body structure that makes you shudder when you look at them. If you’re friends with people whose worst nightmares are spiders, it’s time to have them experience it right in front of your eyes. 

The Spider Scare Box looks polished and sleek. It hardly looks suspicious as a thing that would house a large back spider inside. The moment your pal opens this big box expecting a surprise, he’d definitely get one as the spider comes out to chill his or her blood!

The Spider Scare Box is made up of high-quality wood and is durable. You can also try other types of scary creatures instead of spiders.

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