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4th War Equipment Cardboard Table

4th War Equipment Cardboard Table ... Identifying a need and wishing it to satisfy are the marks of real inventors. 4th War Equipment Cardboard Table

The fusion of Italian creativity and a pragmatic spirit, two years of planning, ten prototypes and thousands of stressful hours with young designers and players delivered a fully customizable cardboard table with futuristic features and an attractive design.915dbc7afe33c3469bc8ca1f47364b48_largeThe kickstarter has already been launched. There are 30 days to establish whether this project will be a market reality or whether it will remain an idea. Staff have tested the tables resistance in fun and hard ways in order to show how strong and durable a poor material can be. The cost is shockingly low.

IMG_4847The pictures also demonstrate the flexibility of a product that can be used  by players. It can also be used by shop designers and temporary stores. To sum up, this is a project that deserves support in order to get on the global market!