33 Cool LEGO Kits

33 Cool LEGO Kits

LEGO kits are enjoyed by people of all ages and any gender. Here is a great collection of a variety of cool LEGO kits ranging from beginner to expert skill levels. These include classic LEGO building kits as well as LEGO technic kits and sets that contain moving elements such as motors and battery operated parts. The geniuses at LEGO never seem to run out of ideas when it comes to new themes for creating LEGO kits. Such a great variety!


Get it here -  LEGO Creator Expert 10247 Ferris Wheel Building Kit

This kit comes with a motor powered by AAA batteries so that your ferris wheel can function. It makes a fantastic display piece and is recommended for people who are over the age of sixteen. High level skills are required in order to construct it. There are 2464 elements, an intricately designed LEGO construction set.




33 Cool LEGO Kits

Where to get it or find out more - LEGO Friends 41130 Amusement Park Roller Coaster Building Kit (1124 Piece)33 Cool LEGO Kits

Features a roller coaster and a functioning light brick as well as lots of other cool stuff. The four mini LEGO dolls are dressed in cute summery outfits and the ferris wheel rotates. Lots of adorable accessories are included such as tiny popcorn buckets, watermelon slices, a little hotdog and a safety barrier that opens and closes.


Get it here or find out more - LEGO Friends Pop Star 4-Piece Set - Star Limo, Dressing Room Building Kit, TV Studio and Recording Studio33 Cool LEGO Kits

Four kits in one including a red carpet, a performance stage and a backstage area as well as a VIP car for your popstars.


Get it here - LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit(Discontinued by manufacturer)33 Cool LEGO Kits

A very unique stand out bird models LEGO kit that is very different from many other Lego kits. Looks great on display, an interesting addition to any LEGO collection. Includes a presentation stand for each bird featuring its Latin name; enjoy building and rebuilding these intricate models.


Find out more or get it here - LEGO Creator 10232 Palace Cinema33 Cool LEGO Kits

Lots of intricate parts, suited to someone with high level skills. Includes a high level of detail and many cool extras that make it look simply fantastic when finished. Seat a 6-minifigure audience in the reclining seats; play on the star-studded sidewalk, in the detailed lobby or in the big-screen theater.


Check it out here - LEGO Mindstorms EV3 3131333 Cool LEGO Kits

A very cool kit that enable you to build a remote control robot with wifi connectivity. There are three interactive motors and the remote control is included. You can program the robot yourself by using your tablet, smartphone or computer. A great idea for young tech lovers. Includes 3 interactive servo motors, remote control, improved and redesigned color sensor, redesigned touch sensor, infrared sensor and 550+ LEGO® Technic elements.


Check it out here - LEGO Tower Bridge 1021433 Cool LEGO Kits

There are 4295 elements in this kit and when you are finished you will have a tower bridge with a drawbridge that lifts. Four classic London style vehicles are also included, looks great on display. Display it on it's own or with other LEGO kits with English themes for maximum effect. The 4 miniature vehicles are A black London taxi, a yellow truck, green automobile and even a traditional red double-decker bus.


 Find out more or get it here - LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 75094 Building Kit33 Cool LEGO Kits

Build the Imperial Shuttle Tydirium with folding wings, landing gear, opening cockpit, access hatch, spring-loaded shooters and more. This one is sure to be loved by any Star Wars fan, includes five mini figures and five weapons. A cool gift idea for any Star Wars fan that will provide hours of fun and a stunning display piece or toy. Weapons include 2 blaster pistols, 2 blasters and Chewbacca's crossbow.


Where to buy it - LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Building Kit33 Cool LEGO Kits

Another cool LEGO kit for Star Wars fans, build your very own Millennium Falcon, a great display piece requiring a medium level of skill. The finished falcon is 47 cms long, 14cms high and 32 cms wide. Activate the hyperdrive and set course for LEGO Star Wars fun!


Find out more or get it here - LEGO Star Wars 10236 Ewok Village33 Cool LEGO Kits

Includes R2-D2 and 16 minifigures: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo,Chewbacca,C-3PO,2 Rebel soldiers,5 Ewoks,2 Scout Troopers and 2 Stormtroopers. An entire Ewok village including a kitchen and a food storage area. Sure to be loved by any Star Wars or LEGO fan!


Available here - LEGO Technic 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator Building Kit (3929 Piece)33 Cool LEGO Kits

The finished excavator features a range of motorized functions and is approximately 21 cms high. A complicated set with lots of pieces that will keep any LEGO fan busy for quite some time. The LEGO power functions motor allows you to drive forward, revers and operate the machinery. Enjoy building and operating this massive 2-in-1 Bucket Wheel Excavator, the largest LEGO Technic set to date!


This one is available at amazon.com here - LEGO TECHNIC Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4205633 Cool LEGO Kits

A cool LEGO technic kit that features authentically designed aerodynamic bodywork, headlights, taillights, doors that open and close plus much more. Packed with great features, fun to build and looks awesome on display. There are quite a few other LEGO car models as well so you could put together a very cool collection that would look great on display. Also features working gearbox, working steering wheel with gearshift paddles, detailed seating, glove compartment with unique model serial number, opening doors, opening hood containing a suitcase, and an opening rear lid with detailed flat 6 engine.


Check out this kit here - LEGO Ideas WALL E 21303 Building Kit33 Cool LEGO Kits

The adorable Wall E is available as a LEGO kit for fans. Once you have built Wall E the arms will move up and down and you will be able to open and close the trunk. A book about the original Pixar movie is included.


Find out more about it or buy it here - LEGO Architecture Studio 21050 Playset33 Cool LEGO Kits

An educational LEGO set that is designed to teach the fundamentals of architectural design in a LEGO context. The included guidebook has been written in conjunction with leading architects. The perfect gift idea for anyone who is interested in architecture. The set includes 1210 what and clear LEGO bricks and instructions that are easy to follow.


Where you can buy it amazon.com  - LEGO Creator Grand Emporium 10211 (Discontinued by manufacturer)33 Cool LEGO Kits

This one is becoming quite hard to find as it is no longer in production. There are still a few available though so if it is your style you might want to grab one while you still can. It is part of the LEGO modular buildings collection and this set includes seven minifigures. The finished Emporium is fifteen inches high and ten inches wide. Enter through the revolving doors to discover a ground-floor clothing department.


Check it out here - LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory 21302 Building Kit33 Cool LEGO Kits

The Big Bang Theory LEGO kit is a super cool find if you are a fan of the show. It contains 484 pieces as well as mini figures of the main cast members.


Available to buy here at amazon.com - LEGO Super Heroes 6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle33 Cool LEGO Kits

Includes 5 minifigures: Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Loki and foot soldier. and two opening cockpits to seat minifigures. One for marvel comic fans.


Check it out here - LEGO Creator Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 1022033 Cool LEGO Kits

Volkswagens such as this ones have become increasingly popular and any Volkswagen fan is sure to love this neat LEGO set. High level skills are required in order to construct it but it looks so cool, well worth the effort and a lot of fun to put together. There are 11 windows and cool authentic plaid curtains. The interior features a bench style seat that can also turn into a bed.


This item is available to purchase here -  LEGO Creator Expert 10234 Sydney Opera House33 Cool LEGO Kits

An awesome LEGO kit featuring Australia's iconic Sydney opera house. Expert level skills are required in order to construct this set. Features advanced building techniques for complex forms, angled walls and subtle detailing ; Sturdy construction allows the model to be handled and moved.


Available at amazon.com -  LEGO Ideas Doctor Who 21304 Building Kit33 Cool LEGO Kits

Perfect for Dr Who fans, features an 11cm high Tardis and comes with a book about the BBC series. A great collectible item. The TARDIS measures over 4" (11cm) high, 2" (6cm) wide and 2" (6cm) deep.


Get it here or find out more at amazon -  LEGO City Trains High-speed Passenger Train 60051 Building Toy33 Cool LEGO Kits

In total the train is thirty inches long there is a full circular track included and the train is motorized. Medium level of skill required in order to assemble it.


Get the Christmas LEGO kit here -  LEGO Creator Expert Santa's Workshop

Great as a Christmas gift or as a seasonal decoration for your home. It includes a lot of tiny details such as reindeer and a tiny Christmas tree, recommended for children over the age of twelve years.




33 Cool LEGO Kits

 Get it here - LEGO Creator Expert Ferrari F40 Kit (1158 Piece) (10248)33 Cool LEGO Kits

Another classic collectable LEGO car to enjoy. It is 8cms high and 27cms long, makes a wonderful display piece once it's put together. Includes pop up headlights, opening doors and lots of cool details. Features an array of brick-built details, including a hinged, vented rear hatch, detailed twin-turbocharged, 90 degree V8 engine with quick release function, opening doors and hood with luggage compartment and tools.


Check out this kit or purchase here -  LEGO Movie 70815 Super Secret Police Dropship Building Set33 Cool LEGO Kits

The LEGO movie kit includes 8 minifigures with weapons and accessories as well as weapons and lots of moveable parts for interactive play.


Available to buy here -  Lego Creator Tree Stand 2013 Limited Edition Holiday Set 4008233 Cool LEGO Kits

A Christmas LEGO kit for young children aged six years or over. They will love to display their work during the holiday season. Also makes a great gift for any little LEGO enthusiast.


Check it out here -  LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Cottage 1022933 Cool LEGO Kits

A beautiful winter LEGO set that includes a glowing fireplace with a LEGO light brick and a family of minifigures. Also includes adorable accents such as a storage shed, a kitten and an owl.


Where to get it -  LEGO Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant33 Cool LEGO Kits

LEGO designers never seem to run out of cool ideas. This Parisian restaurant is a great addition to any LEGO collection. The minifigures include a chef and a romantic couple. Recommended for serious LEGO fans with a high skill level. The Parisian restaurant is 30 cms high and 25cms long. The top floor features an opening roof revealing an artist's studio with heater, easel, paintbrush, palette and artwork.


Where to find it -  LEGO City Police 60047 Police Station33 Cool LEGO Kits

Here is another great kit for younger children featuring a police station. There are lots of vehicles including a motorbike, a car and a helicopter as well as some really cool mini figures. Fun to build and to play with.


Get this LEGO kit here -  LEGO Creator Expert 10235 Winter Village Market (Discontinued by manufacturer)33 Cool LEGO Kits

Includes 9 minifigures and several winter carnival stands such as a grill stand and a candy stand. There is also a really cool function carousel.


Check out the prison island set here -  LEGO CITY Prison Island 6013033 Cool LEGO Kits

Features lots of extras like a helicopter, hot air balloon, prison boat and walkie talkies. Eight minifigures are also included as well as cool handcuffs and flashlights.


Check it out on amazon.com -  LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House 4112233 Cool LEGO Kits

LEGO kits used to made just for young boys but now there are kits that require adult skill levels and also kits that are designed for little girls such as this one. This cute tree house has three levels including a kitchen, a slide and three mini figures.


Where to buy it - LEGO Creator 31052 Vacation Getaways Building Kit (792 Piece)33 Cool LEGO Kits

A 792 piece holiday LEGO building kit featuring a campervan, minifigures, a boat and lots of cool details. This is a 3-in-1 model which rebuilds into a summer home or a yacht, three times the fun!


Get it here -  LEGO City Town 60132 Service Station Building Kit (515 Piece)33 Cool LEGO Kits

A two in one kit that has 515 individual pieces. You can use this kit to build either a gas station, with a sign, pumps and kiosk or a service station with lift, mail stand and separate wash station.

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