24 Fabulous Sculptures

Sculpture is an ancient form of art that has featured in many historical cultures around the world. In modern times it is still a form of art that is produced and displayed in almost all cities. Humans have had a desire to express themselves artistically throughout the ages. Here are 24 Fabulous Sculptures from all around the world that are amazing, creative examples of artistic expression.

24 Fabulous Sculptures  ^ Sinking Building, located in Melbourne,  Australia.sculpture1 ^ Expansion by Paige Bradley sculpture2  ^ Running Horses By Robert Glen Irving. Located in Texas, USA.sculpture3 ^ Hippo Sculpture,   located at Taipei Zoo.sculpture4  ^ Anonymous Passer-by, Wroclaw in Poland.sculpture5  ^ Man in the Water located in Stockholm, Sweden.sculpture6  ^ Break Through From Your Mold By Zenos Frudakis.sculpture7^ The Shoes On The Danube Bank - Budapest, Hungary.

sculpture8  ^ People Of The River, located in  Singapore. By Chong Fah Cheong.sculpture9  ^ De Vaartkapoen (Policeman Being Tripped) in Brussels, Belgium.sculpture10  ^ The Awakening, located in Washington D.C.sculpture11  ^ Metalmorphosis, Charlotte, North Carolina.sculpture12  ^ Searching For Utopia in Amsterdam, Netherlands.sculpture13  ^ God Father on the arch of Heaven, located in Stockholm, Sweden.sculpture14  ^  Infinity by Carl Jara at Hampton Beach.sculpture15 ^ Sea Horse by Jeffro Uitto.sculpture16 ^ Spider, Tate Modern London.sculpture17  ^ The Road Of Freedom. Vilnius in Lithuania.sculpture18  ^ Rock sculpture in Romania.sculpture19  ^ Los Emigrantes. El Hambresculpture20  ^ Man Hanging Out. Located in Prague, Czech Republic.sculpture21  ^ Mihai Eminescu – Onesti, Romania.sculpture22  ^ Falkirk, Scotland.sculpture23 ^ Man in the Wall, located in Paris, France.