20 Inspirational Text Tattoos

People get tattoos for many reasons such as to remember a loved one. It's also common for people to get tattoos to display artwork or to inspire. Tattoos that contain text are often very inspirational and contain messages to be remembered forever. Here are 20 Inspirational Text Tattoos that look fantastic.

Tattoos featuring quotes are a beautiful way to immortalize a favorite author. Quote tattoos are often philosophical reminders of what life can mean. Sometimes they are simply chosen because the beauty of the text appeals to the reader. Literary quotes such as poetry are a good example of this.

tatoo1 tatoo2 tatoo3 tatoo4 tatoo5 tatoo6 tatoo7 tatoo8 tatoo9 tatoo10 tatoo11 tatoo12 tatoo13 tatoo14 tatoo15 tatoo16 tatoo17 tatoo18 tatoo1920 Inspirational Text TattoosText tattoos are versatile and can be either small or large. They can contain a lot of text or sometimes just one word. Hands, feet and wrists are popular places for single words or small phrases. Some tattoos feature names and dates to commemorate special occasions such as births or marriages. There are so many unique designs and so many choices of text that each tattoo is truly a unique work of art.

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