20 Cool Belly Rings

These days almost anything goes withe piercings and people have piercing in many weird and wonderful places. One of the most popular places to have a piercing is the navel. The most popular place for piercings is of course the ears. At a guess though, I would say that the navel is a close second. Here are 20 Cool Belly Rings that you are sure to love!bb ^ Sterling silver and pink laurel leaves.

bb2^ Sterling silver dangling green stars

20 Cool Belly Rings^ These stainless steel dream catcher navel rings are beautiful and only 99 cents each, bargain.bb4 ^ A really cool Spiderman navel ring.bb5 ^ Batman belly button ring by DC Comics, awesome!bb6^ Superman belly button jewelry.

bb7^ A sterling silver triple stone dangling belly ring.
bb8^ Silver and green heart with flower.bb9 ^ Pink jeweled teardrop design.bb10 ^ Fancy sterling silver jeweled kitty.bb11^ Pretty rose pink sterling silver Celtic Heartbb12 ^ Dangling multi crystal, sterling silver propeller.bb13 ^ Tiny pink frog, sterling silver.bb14 ^ A fun Thanksgiving turkey heart navel ring.bb15 ^ Dangling feather with surgical steel bar.bb16 ^ Super cute I Love Nerds, dangling belly ring.bb18 ^ HASBRO Transformers Autobots navel ring.bb19 ^ Bright robot belly ring, green and pink.bb20^ Blue and pink bright robot

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