19 Children Gift Options for 2020

19 Children Gift Options for 2020


Buying Christmas gifts for children can be difficult. Everywhere we go there are advertisements about children's gifts. There is so much to choose from that finding the best children's gifts for your family can seem like an impossible task!

Children receive many gifts sometimes during the holiday season but you can give something that will stand out. Gift wrapping also makes a big difference. Wrapping gifts attractively does make them seem so much more appealing.

If you want to give a gift that brings joy for much longer than just a day or two then some thought is required. The 14 Best Children's Gifts Christmas 2016 featured here have been handpicked from the billions of choices out there for a very specific reason. That reason is that children find them enjoyable and entertaining for long periods of time.

The collection of gifts we have featured here has been hand-selected because they are unique and useful gifts. When you are choosing a gift for a child it's important to consider their personal interests and also to check that you are giving something that is age-appropriate.

What you can do usually is check the recommended ages written on the package, you can't go wrong if you follow these two suggestions. A person who shops online will find this information easily on product description pages.

Scroll down for various gift options that will make your child's day!

1. Cat Ball Point Pens - Buy Now

19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Source: WIN-MARKET/Amazon

These cute cat pens are an inexpensive and adorable gift idea, great as a stocking stuffer and perfect for any student or for the office. Pens are always useful so this is a great gift idea that is sure to be utilized.

A student writes often for long hours so a cute pen that is inspirational can really help alleviate boredom.

Gifts For Children Who Love to Construct

2. Creator Tree Truck - Buy Now


Source: LEGO/Amazon

If you want to give a gift with a clear Christmas theme but don't want it to become boring this is a great choice. The Christmas tree store LEGO set is fun to set up and great for any child who loves LEGO or building type sets.

When the holiday season is over the components can be added to an already existing LEGO or building block collection. Also, they can be used to create other unique scenes for ongoing play.

3. Round Up Figure - Buy Now19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Source: Lemax/Amazon

This beautiful carnival ride is not a toy but does make a stunning decorative piece for the bedroom of an older child. A lovely keepsake featuring carnival swings that revolve. It also features sound and flashing lights.

When the child you are buying for seems to already have everything the best children's gifts can often be ornamental items or keepsakes. Many years from now a gift such as this can evoke precious childhood holiday memories. Truly a gift that lasts for a lifetime.

4. City Great Vehicles - Buy Now


Source: LEGO/Amazon19 Children Gift Options for 2020

LEGO is always a great gift for any child who enjoys creating things and this set is sure to be used over and over again. Lots of fun components are included such as a car and Minifigures.

5. Genius Starter Kit - Buy Now19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Source: OSMO/Amazon

Any child that is interested in science or building things will enjoy this awesome kit, hours of fun.

6. Old Trafford - Manchester United - Buy Now

19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Source: LEGO/Amazon

This classic LEGO set can help your soccer enthusiast child. With the lockdown and all, the stadiums are empty and this toy could bring back some lovely memories.

Cute Gift Ideas For Fussy Children

If your children are hard to please then simple gifts are the best choice. Something that is useful, fun and on-trend is sure to be the perfect thing.

7. Cute White Dragon Neck Pillow - Buy Now19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Source: YOUDirect/Amazon

This is a lovely gift idea for a child who loves plush toys. Many children already have a collection of plush toys such as teddy bears so this one will be something unique. Also a cool gift for teens or people who are Anime fans.

8. Kiki's Delivery Service - Buy Now

19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Source: Studio Ghibli via Bluefin/Amazon

A Japanese stacking came that is fun and unique. This is a wonderful gift you can give to a child that already has most popular childrens toys.

9. Mini Emperor Penguin Baby Finger Puppet - Buy Now19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Source: Folkmanis/Amazon
With a Folkmanis finger puppet, you'll always have a friend nearby. In classic black and white, this Mini Penguin puppet is a tribute to its swiftly disappearing wild counterpart. Ideal for use in interactive stage and puppet theater, Folkmanis Puppets are also great for teaching, daycare, school, pretend play, games, and parties, or to pair with a book for storytelling.

10. Original Jr. Glow Rocket Launcher - Buy Now19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Source: the Stomp Rocket/Amazon

If you have a child interested in rockest, this might be a great gift option for them. This rocket launcher kit is sure to be a Christmas gift idea that brings a lot of joy. It is recommended for children aged three years or older.

11. Toy Doctor Kit - Buy Now19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Source: Gifts2U/Amazon19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Give a classic, popular toy that is known to be loved by children. Play Dr kits have been popular for many years, a great gift choice that you can make.

A Christmas Story - Best Children's Gifts

12. Franklin's Christmas Gift - Buy Now

christmas-childrens-book Best Children's Gifts

Source: Paulette Bourgeois/Amazon

Tuck your little one into bed and read this happy story before the bed time. Surely they will be waiting for their presents the next day!

13. Solar Dancing Toy - Buy Now

19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Source: YGMONER/Amazon

Children often have either one or several favorite animals and some children love all animals. This little solar dancing elephant is a great little battery free gift that will keep performing for a long time.

14. Spherovelo Ride-On - Buy Now



Source: EARLY RIDER/Amazon19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Your toddler will love this award-winning children's bike. It has been designed especially for children aged between 12 and 24 months. Sure to bring hours of fun and it was also the winner of the best toy award in 2013 because it is so unique and cool.

Gifts For Little Artists

15. 120 Slots Pencil Case - Buy Now


Source: YOUSHARES/Amazon

An amazing gift for any budding artist that is going to be used often. You can give it alone and you can also give it with pencils and other art supplies to create a larger gift. Wonderful for students of any age. A person of any age who likes to draw will like this thoughtful gift. They can use it to store paint brushes or makeup brushes.

Pencils or brushes are held securely in place, they are easy to store and easy to use.

16. Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case - Buy Now

19 Children Gift Options for 2020


Source: EASTHILL/Amazon

It is a great way to store pens and pencils, its sleek design can fit into any environment. Thanks to its spaciousness, you can add so many materials from earesers to sciccors. 

17. 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set - Buy Now19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Source: Melissa & Doug/Amazon

Building with blocks is something that any child loves to. This set get be used in the same way as other building block sets or set up like dominoes. When a child places the blocks in a long row they can watch as they cascade and tumble down. The bright colors are sure ti inspire imaginative play.

The Gift Of Giving

Part of the joy of the Christmas season is also the joy of giving. You can teach this to a child by encouraging the tradition of giving Christmas cards to family and friends. You can do this by giving your child their very own set of Christmas greeting cards to give out. Here are some cute holiday cards perfect for a child to give.

18. Christmas Cards with Envelopes - Buy Now


Source: NobleWorks/Amazon

19. Mickey Mouse Holiday Ornament - Buy Now19 Children Gift Options for 2020

Source: Papyrus/Amazon

These vintage angel cards are from the Magical Christmas card collection check it out here - Magical Christmas Cards

Also, Christmas cards are the best children's gifts for your child to give to classmates as they are inexpensive. Because they are budget-friendly your child can enjoy giving as many cards as they desire.

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