15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets

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Cooking might be one of your favorite hobbies, but cutting and peeling ingredients take a lot of time. Moreover, peeling potatoes is not as easy as you think it is. However, some small innovative kitchen gadgets can make your life so much easier.

We've compiled a list that will save you time in the kitchen. Some of them will help you work more efficiently, and some will make the taste of your dish even more delicious. 

1. beyonday Manual Food Processors

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: beyonday/Amazon

A food processor is one of the most important tools you can have in your kitchen. With this food processor, you can make your own noodles. It can also be used as a garlic processor. 

2. Golden Egg Maker

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: TOPINCN/Amazon

With this ingenious kitchen device, you'll get delicious golden eggs. This is the easiest way of cooking them.

Just pull the rope and it quickly starts to spin. It mixes the yolk and the white within the eggshell. The shaker is ideal for eggs in all shapes and sizes. 

3. Flavor Injector

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: OXO/Amazon

This flavor injector reaches places that your hands cannot reach, and it gives taste to your meal instantly and easily when you need it. 

4. Whisk Wiper

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: WHISK WIPER/Amazon

This is a great tool for bakers. Removing the leftovers from your whisk might be the hardest part of making a cake. From now on, you can easily clean your whisk and it will be totally mess-free.

Just attach the whisk wiper to the whisk and remove it slowly. This way, you'll save all the food that would usually go to waste. 

5. Banana Slicer

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: Jugetware/Amazon

It's a good idea to decorate your bowls to make your morning breakfast routine more enjoyable.

With this banana slicer, it is very easy and time-saving to cut bananas in six slices and add them to your smoothie bowl. 

6. Meat Thermometer

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: ThermoPro/Amazon

A meat thermometer does it all to make sure the meat is cooked to perfection.

This offers a receiver range of up to 300 feet which will inform you about the temperature of your meat, so you can relax while doing housework without having to physically control your meal.  

7. Quirky Stem Hand Juicer

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: Quirky/Amazon

Just stuck this product to the lemon and hit the spray button. Adding flavor to your meals will be easier than ever with this simple product.

Moreover, some users say that they use this product as a home fragrance by mixing a few more flavors.

8. Strawberry Stem Remover

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: Chef'n/Amazon

A small but practical gadget that will make your work easier for those who constantly try new strawberry cake recipes at home.

It's an easy and quick alternative to hulling strawberries with a knife. Insert it into the berry, twist, and pull. Preparing a fruit salad has never been quicker.

9. 5 Blade Herb Scissors

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: RSVP International/Amazon

Cut, chop or mince vegetables while cooking just in seconds. If it is impossible for you to chop like a professional chef and you are prone to having kitchen accidents, try these herb scissors and get the maximum result. 

10. Quick Raw Eggshell Opener

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: JOSMINE/Amazon

Dropping an eggshell into your perfect omelet is a nightmare. Getting sticky egg yolks on your hands while breaking them is too. If that's the case for you too, this eggshell opener is made for you. Put the egg on the tray and push the tool. It's that easy! 

11. Digital Measuring Spoon

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: Chnee/Amazon

Keeping up with the measurements given in the recipes can be hard. This product will give you accurate measurements, and the ingredients will stay in the spoon. With its 500g capacity and 0.1 gram readability, the digital measuring spoon will be your best assistant in the kitchen.

12. Spiral Slicer

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: GEFU/Amazon

Struggling to create perfect julienne strips might be taking you hours, but now there is an easy way. These spiral slicers of 2 x 3 mm or 3.5 x 5 mm are ideal for cutting vegetables.

13. Corn Stripper

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: RSVP International/Amazon

If you cut corn with a knife, you'll see that the juices of the cut kernels are poured over the cutting board and on the table. With this corn stripper, you just put the corn into the cylinder and press down. The whole process takes just 10-15 minutes, and it's mess-free. 

14. Bag Sealer

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: iTouchless/Amazon

Your meals will never go stale! Just pinch the bag seal and pull it to create an airtight seal that keeps your food fresh. This is a good solution to prevent clutter caused by ziplock bags in kitchen drawers. 

15. Cutting Board with 4 Sliding Drawer

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: JINIMADE/Amazon

You can put an end to the dirt and mess on your kitchen stand with this cutting board. Thanks to its four sliding drawers, it will be easy and quick to prepare your favorite salad. It helps to organize ingredients separately.

16. Vegetable Steamer

15+ Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets
Source: Vremi/Amazon

You can turn any pot into a steamer basket. You can steam your vegetables and prepare healthier meals without spending much time with this vegetable steamer. It will provide an easy and nutritious way of eating for your whole family. 

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